Upcoming Richard Aoki Event: Cointelpro Attacks And Reclaiming the Legacy

August 30, 2012 On Sunday September 9th the Freedom Archives and Eastside Arts Alliance are hosting an event to celebrate the legacy of Richard… Read More

In Tribute to El Soldado de Colorado

August 22, 2012 Labor Day weekend 1972, La Raza Unida Party (LRUP) was holding its inaugural national convention in El Paso, Texas. The purpose… Read More

What’s New in the Archives

August 16, 2012 What’s New in the Archives… Recently, a rare copy of Sunviews, written by Sundiata Acoli in 1983, was donated to the Archives.… Read More

Commemorate Black August with COINTELPRO 101

August 01, 2012 On Saturday August 11th, 2012 COINTELPRO 101 will be one of three films shown in Omaha, Nebraska to commemorate Black August and… Read More

Cointelpro at the Tenth Annual Tri-Continental Film Festival

July 13, 2012 The Freedom Archives was recently invited to show Cointelpro 101 at the 10th Annual Tri-Continental Film Festival in September.… Read More

Notes on a UK Journey

July 05, 2012 Thanks to all of you who have responded to our recent fund request letter. Those of you who have not, please know that only your supportRead More

Furman University Students Visit the Archives

June 06, 2012 During the last week of May, a group of approximately ten students from Furman University visited the archives. Furman University… Read More

My Internship by Doraius Lacy

March 24, 2011 My name is Doraius Lacy and I am a senior at Metwest high school. I am also an intern at The Freedom Archives. I wanted to intern at… Read More