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Geronimo Ji Jaga Presente!
Click here for video & audio.


From our September 11th event at La Pena commemorating the 40th anniversary of the coup in Chile.

Isabel Allende 9 11 2013 - English from Freedom Archives on Vimeo.

Isabel Allende 9 11 2013 - Spanish from Freedom Archives on Vimeo.


Preserve the past – illuminate the present – shape the future

Montage of pix

12,000 hours of audio and video recordings and thousands of documents about social justice movements locally, nationally, and internationally from the 1960s to the present. The Archives features speeches of movement leaders and community activists, protests and demonstrations, cultural currents of rebellion and resistance. This oral history is in a searchable database. You can download programs and clips. Internships and training programs are available.

Coming Soon! Symbols of Resistance

Symbols of Resistance Trailer
from Freedom Archives on Vimeo.

Cointelpro 101 from Freedom Archives on Vimeo.

And with Spanish subtitles here:

Cointelpro - Spanish Subtitles
from Freedom Archives on Vimeo.

Attica Is All Of Us from Freedom Archives on Vimeo.

George Jackson - 45 year commemoration
from Freedom Archives on Vimeo.

Publications: Audio, Video, and Books

Book - For Love and Liberty
by Tom Manning ORDER HERE

Book - Out of Control - A Fifteen Year Battle Against Control Unit Prisons
by Nancy Kurshan * Read a web version of Out of Control here!

DVD - Cointelpro 101 (with Spanish subtitles)
DVD - Legacy of Torture: the War Against the
Black LIberation Movement
(now also with Spanish subtitles)
Robert F. Williams: Self Respect, Self Defense
& Self Determination as told by Mabel Williams

CD Documentary & Resource Guide
Paul Robeson: Words Like Freedom
CD on the political thoughts of Robeson

DVD - Charisse Shumate: Fighting for Our Lives

DVD - Voices of 3 Political Prisoners
(Nuh Washington, Jalil Muntaqim, and David Gilbert)
Chile: Promise of Freedom
CD Commemorating the Coup
DVD - Self Respect, Self Defense & Self Determination
with Mabel Williams & Kathleen Cleaver
introduced by Angela Davis

45st Anniversary of the Murder of George Jackson &
the Attica Rebellion! Get it for your school and local radio station.
Prisons on Fire: The Murder of George Jackson
and The Attica Rebellion - CD Documentary

Roots of Resistance
CD sampler CD

Wild Poppies: a poetry jam across prison walls
The poetry of Marilyn Buck

The Vinyl Project
12" record & Audio CD

Online donation system by ClickandPledge

Freedom Archives Blogs


Rest in Power
Hugo Pinell

You can listen to a 20-minute program commemorating the life of Hugo Pinell here:

Hugo Pinell - Rest in Power

April 30th marked the 40th Anniversary of the Victory of Viet Nam over the US - Check out this Educational & Historical Material
Viet Nam Teach-in celebrated the Victory

New George Jackson Video and audio!

For Love and Liberty
a new book by
Tom Manning

Mabel Williams,

Audio and Video
with Mabel

Chokwe Lumumba, presente!

Chokwe Lumumba Interview with Walter Turner

Other News
Now Available

Read a web version of Out of Control here!

Now Available

Second Edition