New Collection at the Archives

January 05, 2017 Hello everyone, My name is Casey and I’ve been an intern here at the Freedom Archives since September. As a recently-graduated… Read More

The Story of Ahmed Evans and the Glenville Shootout

December 13, 2016 Part 2 in our blog series on histories of resistance to racist police violence, as depicted in the pages of The Movement newspaper.… Read More

The Story of the TSU Five

November 28, 2016 Hello, This multi part blog series highlights significant but relatively unknown moments of resistance to racist police violence… Read More

Resistance to Forced Sterilization Curriculum

November 03, 2016 Hello, We’re excited to announce the release of a curriculum focused on historical and contemporary resistance to forced… Read More

Herman Bell on the 50th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party

October 17, 2016 Hello, Are you innocent of being a revolutionary, or are you guilty of being a revolutionary?  Rather an absurd question, especially… Read More

New Arrivals at the Freedom Archives

September 15, 2016 Hello, Over the summer we’ve been going through old piles, re-organizing the archive space and re-arranging book shelves.Read More

Youth Empowerment at the Freedom Archives

August 31, 2016 Hello, This past spring, the Progressive Librarian, a journal for Critical Studies and Progressive Politics in Librarianship,… Read More