April 27, 2016
Color Images taken in Dheisheh Refugee Camp outside Bethlehem (March 2016); Black and White Images taken from Democratic Palestine… Read More

Oakland Induction Center

March 09, 2016 Hello, It is our pleasure to introduce a new chapter in the Colin Edwards audio collection. Our catalog now contains dozens of… Read More

Seize the Time

February 22, 2016 Hello, We’re excited to announce the full digitization of the periodical Seize The Time, published by a Marxist-Leninist… Read More

Updates to Palestine Collections

January 22, 2016 Over the past few weeks  I have been working on updating the Freedom Archives’ collections on Human Rights in Palestine and… Read More

The Search for Identity

December 14, 2015 During my third semester at the Freedom Archives I cataloged the raw audio materials of Colin Edwards’ series on Californians… Read More

Slideshow- Recent 2015 Additions to the Freedom Archives

December 07, 2015 Hello, One of the core functions of the Freedom Archives is to preserve the audio, video and paper documents of revolutionary… Read More

Malcolm X Speaks

November 03, 2015 Hello, Recently we stumbled across a couple of unmarked reels that turned out to contain Malcolm X speeches and interviews! Ranging… Read More

The Burning Urgency of Now

October 26, 2015 Do not condemn these men to prison for life as they’ve already spent decades there. Be not in a rush to throw fresh stones… Read More