Connecting Our Struggles

October 11, 2018 Hi! My name is Kaila Rain and I’m a senior at the University of San Francisco. I’ve been an intern here at the Freedom Archives since… Read More

Newly Digitized I-Hotel Interviews

September 20, 2018 Hello, Coming off of releasing our Resistance to Urban Renewal Timeline, we wanted to share some great archival videos from the… Read More

Exploring the Walking Archives – 2

September 04, 2018 Hello! Helen here continuing to report on my engagement with the concept of the Walking Archives and with my work with the John Read More

Resistance to Urban Renewal Timeline

August 09, 2018 Hello, We’re excited to share a wonderful project recently completed by one of our wonderful volunteers E.
This… Read More
Photo of Marilyn Buck in 2000

Wild Poppies Project Page Revived

July 16, 2018 Hello, Since its release in 2004, Wild Poppies has occupied the space where poetry, the struggle for liberation, imagination… Read More

Exploring the Walking Archives

June 21, 2018 Hello, In November I attended a presentation at San Francisco State University by Dr. Sonia Vax Borges, a researcher and educator… Read More

Born of the People – Malcolm X and Ho Chi Minh

May 21, 2018 Hello, In commemoration of the recent birthdays of Malcolm X, Ho Chi Minh (and many more), we’re sharing a recently digitized… Read More

Peace and Freedom Party

May 07, 2018 Hello, My name is Darla and I’ve been an intern at the Freedom Archives since January. One of my projects has been to process… Read More