Exploring the Walking Archives

June 21, 2018 Hello, In November I attended a presentation at San Francisco State University by Dr. Sonia Vax Borges, a researcher and educator… Read More

Born of the People – Malcolm X and Ho Chi Minh

May 21, 2018 Hello, In commemoration of the recent birthdays of Malcolm X, Ho Chi Minh (and many more), we’re sharing a recently digitized… Read More

Peace and Freedom Party

May 07, 2018 Hello, My name is Darla and I’ve been an intern at the Freedom Archives since January. One of my projects has been to process… Read More

Herman Bell Released

April 30, 2018 On Friday, April 27, Herman Bell, a 70-year-old respected elder, was released after serving nearly 45 years in prison. Herman… Read More

Footage from the Frente Conference – San Francisco 1975

March 01, 2018 Hello, We found this great historical footage in the Freedom Archives. Frente Conference – Held in February 1975 in San… Read More

Two Weeks at the Freedom Archives

February 05, 2018 Hello everyone, My name is Addy, and I just wrapped up a brief but incredible two weeks interning at the Archives. During my time… Read More

The Cultural Workers Movement and Frente Conference

January 29, 2018 Hello, Here at the Archives, we recently unearthed a couple boxes that have now turned into a new collection! This collection… Read More

Re-thinking Historical Narratives

January 08, 2018 Hello! My name is Helen and I’ve been interning at the Freedom Archives for the past couple of months. My time at the Freedom Archives… Read More