“Before this generation goes on to its ancestors, we should, we must, do our level best to pass on our lessons, so that they live in our people’s minds and lives.”
– Mumia Abu Jamal

The Freedom Archives is dedicated to promoting and creating informative and educational resources to empower communities with oral history that is often obscured by the dominant historical narrative. Check out our curriculum surrounding our COINTELPRO 101 film and more…

  1. WHAT IS COINTELPRO? Curricular Directions for COINTELPRO 101
  2. COINTELPRO 101 Resources and Web Links
  3. How Far Have We Come? COINTELPRO Activity One
  4. What Would You Do? COINTELPRO Activity Two
  5. The Civil Rights & Black Liberation Movements & COINTELPRO
  6. The Puerto Rican Independence Movement
  7. Dramatizing Native American Resistance Movements
  8. Cointelpro’s Impact on the Chicano/Mexicano Freedom Movements
  9. Possible Essay or Debate Topics for the film COINTELPRO 101
  10. The Women’s Liberation Movement and COINTELPRO