Photo of Marilyn Buck in 2000


Since its release in 2004, Wild Poppies has occupied the space where poetry, the struggle for liberation, imagination and cultural work intersect. The outpouring of poets who participated in this project was an indication of Marilyn Buck’s significance to the movement and the desire to recognize her life and struggle. In conjunction with the cd’s original release – the Freedom Archives maintained an online page where one could read and listen to the poems; read a biography of Marilyn Buck; and learn more about the contributors to Wild Poppies.

Down since our website redesign last year, we’re happy to relaunch those pages under our Project Section of the website. You can find it here. Special thanks to Rob McBride for his work to revive this page – We hope you continue enjoy the poetry and spirit of Marilyn Buck.

If you’d like to buy the actual cd – you can do that here.