One of the core functions of the Freedom Archives is to preserve the audio, video and paper documents of revolutionary and progressive movements of the past 50+ years. Below you can cycle through a slideshow of some of the digitized documents we’re happy to share from the past couple of months.

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WomensEyes 510.AnarchistBlackDragon.WallaWallaPrison 1 513.Geronimo.Pratt.Benefit.flyer.Jan.21.1978 58.White.Lightning.N27.NovDec.1974 1 513.DessieWoods.TheStoryofDessieWoods 1 513.BPP.Free.Breakfast.donations WL.Arson 1 513.Bobby.Hutton.murdered.flyer
Poem by Dylcia Pagan (former Puerto Rican Prisoner of War)