We’re excited to announce the full digitization of the periodical Seize The Time, published by a Marxist-Leninist organization of the same name that grew out of the revolutionary national struggles of Black, Chicano, Asian American and Native American peoples. Based in California, Seize the Time was created mainly by people identifying as third world revolutionaries along with some white revolutionaries. The main purposes of the paper were:

1. as an organizing tool for local struggles and coordinating tool for regional and national organizing.

2. to provide revolutionary information and analysis.

3. to create communication network independent of bourgeois media.

4. to exist as a forum to discuss the major problems and tasks of the revolution.

This is truly an invaluable historical resource. In addition to the comprehensive reporting, in-depth political study and focus on the importance of intersectionality, self-determination and self-defense; I was particularly struck by the attention and emphasis on revolutionary culture. Whether the vibrant artwork best showcased on the front and back covers, the moving poetry from political prisoners and martyrs of the struggle, or step by step guides on how to create sustainable and co-operative ways of living together, Seize the Time was a blueprint for a better future as well as a canvas for revolutionary resistance. Check out the full collection here.


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Seize The Time October 1975 (Front Cover)