The Freedom Archives was recently invited to show Cointelpro 101 at the 10th Annual Tri-Continental Film Festival in September. The Tri-Continental Film Festival is an annual, national festival that focuses on documentary and narrative films from or about Africa, Asia, Central and South America and the Middle-East. The overall objective of the Festival is to showcase outstanding Cinema that deals with socio/political and human rights themes pertinent to these regions. This year there will be screenings in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Soweto. This film festival is a great opportunity for the archives to continue to expand its global presence and network with committed community leaders and activists, as we recently returned from a week traveling with the film throughout England. South Africa will serve as a vibrant and relevant space for viewing and discussing the Cointelpro film. South Africa obviously has a complex historical appreciation of the role of imperialism and its internal and external effects on the ability of communities, organizations and individuals to effectively organize. We are particularly excited about the opportunity to show the film in Soweto (Southwest Township), which throughout its history has served as a hotbed of collective actions and community organizing in South Africa. This festival also offers the potential to connect and gain perspective on contemporary struggles in South Africa. We look forward to showing our film to South African audiences and being a part of the Tri-Continental film festival.