I have been coming to the Freedom Archives two to three times a week ever since I was pointed in the right direction. Over the past two to three years I have been trying to rid myself of this feeling that I don’t know enough – about US roles in controlling/manipulating international politics and fighting self-determination abroad and at home, grassroots community empowerment and struggles, landmark political cases, political prisoners, illegal government activity, and activism.

I love the Archives. And every day that I spend here helps me to demystify and learn all of this history that has mostly been kept from me – at least in any public school that I went to. {having recently graduated from high school}

Struggle and defeat, struggle and victory, government deception, brutality, repression…It is inspiring yet incredibly demoralizing at the same time, this history that everyone should know. Can you believe that I didn’t know about COINTELPRO, revolutions in Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Granada, partially in Nicaragua, Eritrea, and on and on all of which the US had a major part in?!

I am at the Archives now and let me tell you: it is by far the best classroom I have ever set foot in.