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  Tension and Isolation at al-Demon Women's Prison

December 18, 2018

On 17 Dec 2018 Addameer’s lawyer and director Sahar Francis visited 
al-Demon prison were all Palestinian women detainees are held currently. 
Sahar’s visit did not last for even 15 minutes as the prison 
administration canceled the visit and informed Sahar that there is an 
emergency situation.

It came to Addameer’s knowledge today, 18 Dec 2018 that women in 
detention are still targeted especially those who were transferred from 
Hasharon prison after protesting the operation of the cameras.

Prisoners at al-Damon informed Addameer’s lawyers that the prison 
administration asked some workers from the civil prisoners to repair the 
sewage system in room number 11 in the Women section at Al-Damon. The 
room has 7 women prisoners who went into their recreational time during 
the reparations. Though, the deputy administrator of the women’s section 
claimed that she have asked the women to stay in the toilet during the 
reparations rather than the yard. The women reaffirmed that they did not 
know of such a request and this is why they went to the yard to take 
their recreational time.

The women in detention added that the prison administration got outraged 
and took the prisoner Yasmin Sha’ban to isolation. Yasmin was put in the 
lawyer’s visit room form 12 PM until 5:30 PM and she was sentenced in a 
disciplinary hearing to have no family visits for a month, a fine of 100 
– 600 Shekels from the canteen money, and to receive no letter for two 

In addition to the measures taken against Yasmin, Israeli forces raided 
room number 11 and confiscated all electronic equipment except for one 
heater. All of this led the girls in this room to protest through 
refusing the recreational time, and this led the administration to let 
Yasmin out of isolation at 5:30 PM as mentioned before. The prison 
administration informed the women in the room that they will have a 
disciplinary hearing.

Addameer sees that there is direct targeting to women in detention 
especially those who were transferred from Hasharon prison to al-Demon 
prison after protesting for two months in September 2018 new punitive 
measures against them.

According to Addameer there are now 53 women detained at al-Damon, this 
includes two minors and two women under administrative detention.

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