[Pnews] Joint report reveals that 431 Palestinians were arrested in September 2017

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  Joint report reveals that 431 Palestinians were arrested in September 2017

October 8, 2017

A joint, monthly report released by Adameer, The Prisoner's Club, and Al 
Mezan Center for Human Rights has revealed that 431 Palestinians were 
arrested by the occupation forces in the month of September 2017.

Of these 431, 98 were children, 11 were women, and 3 were journalists.

133 were arrested from Jerusalem governorate, 60 from the Hebron 
governorate, 45 from the Nablus governorate, 40 from the Ramallah 
governorate, 38 from Jenin governorate, 28 from Bethlehem governorate, 
15 from Tubas governorate, 10 from Salfeet governorate, 9 from Tulkaram 
governorate, 7 from Jericho governorate, and 6 from Gaza.

In addition, the report indicates that the number of Palestinian 
prisoners in Israeli jails reached 6300 prisoners, including 57 female 
prisoners, 10 minor girls, approximately 300 children and 450 
administrative detainees. In the month of September, the occupation 
authorities issued 68 administrative detention orders, of which 24 were 
new orders.

Despite the fact that this represents a dip in the number from last 
month, the rate of arrests still constitutes a trend of mass 
incarceration of the Palestinian people. The figure means that the 
occupation forces were arresting roughly 14 people a night for the past 

Each month, these figures paint a picture of where the occupation 
believes there to be the most need for deterrence and control. In 
keeping with the popular uprising during the month of July, the 
Jerusalem area remains a focus due to the belief that new points of 
tension can spontaneously present themselves. In addition to Jerusalem, 
there has been increased activity in Hebron both in regard to protests 
and occupation forces moving deep into Palestinian controlled territory 
with impunity.

In addition to figures, the report also deals with the increasing use of 
home arrest in regard to East Jerusalem children, and the mass arrest 
campaign currently taking place in Kifel Hares, in the southwest of 
Nablus governorate.

The four organizations strongly condemn Israel's gross and systematic 
violations of international law, and its disregard for the rights of 
Palestinian detainees. We also condemn the continuing occupation 
authorities' disregard of the legal guarantees provided by international 
legal regulations, particularly the Standard Minimum Rules for the 
Treatment of Prisoners 1955, and other international declarations and 
conventions guaranteeing the rights of prisoners and detainees.

The four institutions also call upon the international community to 
intervene urgently in regard to the fulfillment of its legal and moral 
obligations towards the population of the occupied Palestinian 
territories and to take effective measures to compel the occupying state 
to ensure respect for their basic human rights. We also call upon local, 
regional and international groups and allies to activate solidarity 
campaigns with prisoners, with the aim of putting pressure on the 
occupying state.

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