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by <http://www.facebook.com/SweetyLFS>Kendra 
Castaneda on Monday, August 15, 2011 at 4:29pm

Just spoke with a former inmate that served 
almost 17 years within CDC prisons and served 
time within Corcoran (SHU), Tehachapi, 
Calipatria, Centinela, Folsom, Ironwood and 
particularly Chino Men’s Prison. He opened up to 
me and wanted to share with me a few things 
people may not know
 he told me to open people’s 
eyes for they do not know the truth. He said out 
of all the prisons he’s experienced (along with 
other men throughout the years and men today), 
Chino Men’s Prison has the most corruption. Chino 
Men’s Prison has level 1, 3, 4 (from less violent 
to most violent men), this is the main prison 
where all men are transferred to from county 
jails in southern California to wait until they 
are temporarily ‘processed’ to be sent to another 
prison in California to serve their sentence. He 
went into explain the guards beat the men when 
they first arrive, they hog-tie them, beat the 
crap out of them, pound their heads against the 
wall, sexually abuse them, harass them, and any 
horrible imaginable thing they can do to a person 
is what happens at Chino Men’s Prison daily. He 
wanted to make it known because he is seeing all 
the other prisons being exposed of their 
corruption but as he stated “Chino prison is the 
worst for corruption”. He also shared with me 
that men are bussed in and out of that prison 
daily (hundreds) with a huge reception center and 
he said if any men need some rallying or support, 
or just getting petitions signed that would be 
the best place to go to because these men not 
only are being extremely abused physically & 
mentally but they are being transferred daily to 
all different CA prisons to serve their sentence 
therefore this would be a great place to get the 
word spread & show support for them.

from charlie:

"Kendra, Chino prison guards are among the most 
abusive, disrespectful and hateful in the system. 
This is something I can attest to as I received 
hundreds of letters from men who wrote of 
horrible abuse. One of the letters that stuck out 
the... most was from Ricky, who wanted to take 
his own life and when they found out they put him 
on suicide watch, then through in razor blades 
and a sheet and told him to go at it. They 
taunted him until he finally hung himself. They 
pulled him down in time and drug him naked out of 
his cell and down stairs to the infirmery. The 
man wrote to me from there and though he told the 
doctors and nurses what happened it was all swept 
under the rug. At the same time I received this 
letter, I also got notice from a mother, who's 
son did commint suicide. I dedicated my web site 
to the man on 
<http://www.intheriot.com>www.intheriot.com. Many 
of my letters are still posted there, but I no 
longer have contact with the prisoners. The 
Inspector General and CIM recieved copies of all 
the letters, but they were ignored. They do not 
care and I quit trying to fight them. I did not 
have a group behind me to help me and support 
from the outside is very important. Although KPCC 
public radio did a story on it, it came out on 
the same day as the Haiti earthquake and never 
hit the mainstream media. Just thought I'd share" :(

Chino Prison Riot- The other site of the story as told in letters from inmates



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