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For those of you that we know only through our 
email lists, we encourage you to support our 
work. We don't have the large capacity to fund 
raise on the web like other sites. Nonetheless, 
we hope that our grassroots work is just as 
informative and valuable to you. You can 
contribute by sending us a tax-deductible 
contribution to the address below and if you want 
to receive periodic hard copy mailings from us, 
please email us your name and contact information as well. Thanks in advance!

claude marks

  November 2006

Dear Friend:


The Freedom Archives is now entering its seventh 
year thanks to your consistent support. We’ve 
completed our first year as our own 501(c)(3) and 
have much to show for our efforts. As we 
celebrate this first year we face the challenges 
of finding new ways to be effective and maintain 
our funding base in a repressive era of 
increasing fiscal conservatism among foundation funders.

We are excited about the upcoming year and look 
forward to expanding the work of The Freedom 
Archives and finding more ways to share our 
resources and energies. We continue to count on your generosity.

Thanks to your support:

    * We were able to provide more than 25 youth 
interns from the San Francisco Bay Area with 
radio production, editing, and archiving skills. 
These are young people who will make a difference 
in telling the stories of struggle, change, and victory.
    * We have completed the research and 
production towards the early 2007 release of our 
audio CD “The Artist Must Choose” which 
chronicles the politics and resistance of Paul 
Robeson in his own spoken words. You will hear 
Robeson brilliantly resist the House Un-American 
Activities Committee (HUAC). He speaks of the 
fight against racism and the role of artists in 
struggling for a just and humane world. In “The 
Artist Must Choose,” we capture his eloquence and 
inspiring ideas so that many who know little 
about him can learn from his courageous example.
    * We have just completed a new documentary 
video called “The Legacy of 
This 20-minute video exposes the United States 
government use of torture against former members 
of the Black Panther Party in New Orleans in 1973 
and connects them to the history of COINTELPRO 
and the use of Grand Juries to repress and censor 
activists.At a recent standing room only event in 
Oakland – “Break the Chains: Black Panther 
Prisoners and Repression Today” – we showed a 
working copy of the video.  The event also 
featured a community discussion with speakers 
Kathleen Cleaver, Ashanti Alston, Hank Jones, and 
Richard Brown (all former Panthers).
    * We continue to collaborate with community 
organizations and institutions dedicated to 
change, community building, and activism. During 
the last year we worked with Eastside Arts 
Alliance, Galería de la Raza, Global Exchange, 
International Day of Solidarity with Political 
Prisoners, the June Jordan School for Equity, 
Manilatown Heritage Foundation, National Boricua 
Human Rights Network, Women of Color Resource 
Center, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and the Youth Leadership Institute.
    * The Freedom Archives contributed to radio 
programs on KPFA’s Africa Today, Art Sato’s “In 
Your Ear,” Hard Knock Radio, and La Raza 
Chronicles, including interviews with political 
prisoners Adolfo Matos and Carlos Alberto Torres. 
We contributed to newspaper coverage of the Black 
Panther Party grand jury resisters in the San 
Francisco Bayview and Faultlines, as well as at www.fbiwitchhunt.com.

Most importantly, your support has allowed The 
Freedom Archives to stay true to its mission. We 
have built a national reputation for our work in 
restoring and archiving materials­all with your 
help­and we can do so much more.

We need your continued generosity and commitment 
to carry out this crucial work. In order to match 
last year’s donations and strengthen the youth 
program, we need to raise $20,000 by the end of 
the year. Please consider increasing your 
donation to $100, $250, or $500 so we can 
increase the number of interns we train, keep our 
technology up to date, and increase the ways that 
people can access and use this valuable always-growing archive.

Like what you hear? Make sure to tell a friend 
about The Freedom Archives so that our community 
of support can grow. Recycle this letter by 
passing it on to a friend with a special 
invitation to join you in supporting this work. Thank you!

¡A Luta Continua!

Marks                                    Sele 
Nadel-Hayes                            Walter Turner

P.S.  For donations of $250 or more, you will be 
the first to receive a copy of the new Paul 
Robeson CD featuring over an hour of Robeson’s fiery speeches and interviews.

The Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 863-9977
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