[Ppnews] Israeli forces arrest 420 Palestinians so far this month in the silent war

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Thu Nov 16 08:45:46 EST 2006

MP Qaraqa': Israeli forces arrest 420 Palestinians so far this month 
in the silent war

(Bethlehem) Najib Farag
Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Palestinian Legislative Council member and former Director of the 
Palestinian Prisoner Society, Issa Qaraqa', reports that Israeli 
forces have arrested 420 Palestinians in less than two weeks. The 
daily arrest campaigns are carried out in Palestinian cities, towns 
and refugee camps and are not exclusive to this month. But they are 
part of what Qaraqa' refers to as the silent war.

Men, women, children, members of the armed resistance, school 
teachers and students, journalists and medics, and elected officials 
are all targets, continuing to illustrate what a man trapped in the 
Church of Nativity in Spring 2002 said. "In the eyes of the Israelis, 
all Palestinians are wanted."

Qaraqa' said, "The arrests waged by the occupation forces is a war 
without noise. It is no less harsh or severe than a military war, 
with the accompanying detention campaign attacks and maltreatment and 
torture of detainees."

There is arguably no greater authority on Palestinian political 
prisoners than Qaraqa', having dedicated his life to their justice. 
"The arrests in the ongoing war against Palestinians are silent 
because the focus of the media and the international community is 
limited to the seriousness of what is happening to detainees, and the 
indiscriminate arrests which affect the entire civilian population."

A great portion of Palestinian male society has been arrested at one 
time or another, and if not, most everyone has a son, brother, or 
husband within the confines of the Israeli prison system.

Qaraqa' says that the international committees and human rights 
organizations have not been properly briefed on what is happening, 
from the humiliation and oppression against Palestinians in custody 
and the investigations. The government of Israel is well-documented 
in advocating the use of physical torture as a method of extracting 
information, real or false, points out Qaraqa'. "Humiliation and the 
failure to provide the minimum humanitarian requirements for food and 
medical treatment is common place."

Regarding the prisoner exchange deal, Qaraqa' said, "The racist 
Israeli mentality still deals with Palestinian political prisoners as 
criminals and not freedom fighters. They want to use the prisoners as 
bargaining chips to pressure Palestinians to do their bidding."

The number of political prisoners in Israeli prisons has exceeded 
10,500, with the Israeli government building more prisons. He is 
calling on the International Red Cross and human rights organizations 
to provide humanitarian and political protection for Palestinians 
caught in the arbitrariness of occupation.

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