[News] Armed Forces of Venezuela Reaffirm Support for President Maduro

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  Armed Forces of Venezuela Reaffirm Support for President Maduro

January 28, 2019

Defense Minister of Venezuela Vladimir Padrino López, reiterated his 
support for democracy and for the government of Nicolas Maduro, saying 
that the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) has only one president, 
the one elected by a majority vote  in the elections of May 2018.

"We do not have three options, nor do we have three presidents or two 
presidents — we have only one president. He is the constitutional 
president elected by the vast majority of Venezuelans in direct, 
democratic and secret ballots 
just as our constitution and laws mandate, "he said in reference to 
Nicolas Maduro.

Padrino Lopez led military exercises with different brigades from 
Caracas Sunday morning that had been led by President Maduro during the 

The minister, a recognized military officer of with the rank of Chief 
General, also denounced the strategy the right-wing opposition uses to 
divide the FANB as "childish politics" and affirmed that they will be 

"The erratic policy of the ultra-right opposition has done a lot of 
damage and has offended the military family. Now they try to deceive us 
with fallacious attempts that do not make any sense," the minister said, 
noting that the military is "very aware" and that "every attempt to 
intimidate and divide the Armed Forces brings us closer together, unites 
us more. "

Opponents "have sought a refuge in the Armed Forces that they will not 
get, the party of the Armed Forces is the party of the Homeland," which 
they claimed will defend all aggression with their weapons, their 
conviction and with republican principles.

"We are waiting for those violent actors, the mercenaries, and 
whomsoever wants or intends to interfere with the Bolivarian Republic of 
Venezuela," he said.

This weekend’s military trials 
with different divisions and brigades of the FANB, are leading to larger 
scale military exercises to be held in the South American country from 
Feb. 10 to Feb. 15 and will be, according to the government, the largest 
in Venezuela's history.

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