[News] Attack on Venezuela 1st step in US Attempt to Recolonize Latin America: Maduro

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  Attack on Venezuela 1st step in US Attempt to Recolonize Latin
  America: Maduro

February 22, 2019

The United States has relaunched its colonialist aspirations against 
Latin America, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro warned 
Thursday during an interview with the Iranian media HispanTV, 
adding that the Venezuelan military was ready to defend the independence 
and sovereignty of the Latin American nation.

"America for Americans 
that is, all our America for them, all our riches and all our power for 
them," Maduro said and added that Venezuela is currently at center of an 
imperialist attack "because they believe that, by reversing and 
destroying the Bolivarian Revolution, they will be able to recolonize 
and dominate the entire continent."

In Maduro's opinion, the U.S. President Donald Trump 
"has allowed himself to be led to an extremist position of foolishness, 
to an unattractive position. In addition, he has hinted his true desire 
to dominate, conquer, and subdue Venezuela."

The Venezuelan leader also denounced that, besides being part of the 
U.S. geopolitical aspirations in Latin America, Trump’s interventionist 
attitudes towards Venezuela are triggered by the desire to seize the 
country's enormous natural and mineral resources.

"Trump's problem is" Venezuela's riches, oil, gold, gas, strategic 
minerals, wealth, water," to which the great strength of the country is 
added when it comes to controlling its own model economic, political, 
social and cultural "added Maduro.

According to President Maduro, most of the polls show that more than 90 
percent of Venezuelans reject any U.S. military aggression. This is so 
because his nation is "united" around the rejection of Trump's statements.

Maduro emphasized that "Venezuela is for Venezuela," and pointed out 
that the entire offensive against his nation is "a test."

"I'm sure that these challenges and these tests will leave us more 
strengthened. I'm more than sure of that," he predicted.

Regarding the U.S. attempts to provoke a military uprising in Venezuela, 
President Maduro stated that the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB), 
which is ready to defend the homeland and is committed to the Constitution.

"The FANB" is very aware and feels a great deal of indignation (...) 
with the statements made by Donald Trump, pretending to be (its) 
commander-in-chief (...), giving orders to the Venezuelan military from 

Maduro stressed that the FANB is ready to defend the country’s 
territorial integrity and to respond to any attempt to attack the peace, 
independence and sovereignty of Venezuela.

"We are not afraid. We prepare ourselves with serenity and we believe 
that with our preparation we will guarantee peace in our country. The 
most important thing is to continue in peace and resolve 
Venezuela's problems in peace, in democracy, through dialogue", he said.

In the interview with HispanTV, Maduro also condemned the transnational 
media corporations' campaign against his government and the people of 

"Every day there are great mobilizations of the people in all the cities 
of the country. When the Venezuelan opposition calls its mobilizations 
and marches, we always make mobilizations two, three, four, five times 
bigger, more powerful and more combative than the opposition itself. 
However, BBC, CNN, NBC, Fox and all the international media portrait 
only one side of the events, making us invisible," he lamented.

On the delivery of the so-called humanitarian aid 
which the U.S. wants to deliver through the Colombian border, Maduro 
stressed that, first and foremost, it is a show aimed at camouflaging 
the U.S. provocation and aggression against Venezuela.

Nevertheless, President Maduro reiterated his belief in dialogue and 
diplomacy, despite the constant aggression by the Trump administration.

"Despite the aggression and immense differences that we have, that I 
have, with the U.S. government, I believe in the working of words, 
diplomacy and politics. I'm sure that if Donald Trump and I talk, if he 
hears the Venezuela’s truth, things could take a different direction," 
Maduro said.

Regarding the forthcoming arrival of the European Union-Uruguay 
technical delegation 
to Caracas, the Venezuelan President expressed that they will be welcome 
"if they come with respect,” although he regretted that the EU has been 
deceived by the Venezuelan right-wing.

"[The European Union’s] grave and big mistake is that it only listens to 
one part... and believes all the right-wing’s lies,” Maduro said and 
added that “Brussels repeats the entire script written by the right and 
the Donald Trump administration."

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