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*The Zimmerman Verdict is a Reflection of the Times. WE CHARGE GENOCIDE!*

The People Must ORGANIZE!

Trayvon Martin was never going to get justice from a courtroom of the 
United States government. Justice for Trayvon and for the hundreds of 
other Black women, men, and children executed by someone employed or 
protected by the US government on a daily basis will only come from our 
people and the power we are able to wield through the strength of our 
organization and the resolve of our will. Zimmerman was only put on 
trial because millions of our people took to the streets in early 2012 
and threatened to disrupt the system. The trial was a means to divert 
our energies and return things to the status quo.

Obama's statement that a "a jury has spoken" encouraging what he called, 
"calm reflection", is just another effort to lure Black people to sleep 
and keep us accepting the status quo. The status quo of white supremacy 
has never and will never work for Black people.  As W.E.B. DuBois 
stated, "a system cannot fail those who it was never meant to protect." 
White supremacy and the systems that support and reinforce it like 
capitalism, colonialism, and patriarchy must be defeated and dismantled. 
We must always keep this in mind and be prepared in concrete, organized 
ways to ensure that there will be no peace if there is no justice. */Now 
is the time for direct action in the form of organized Boycott, 
Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns that disrupt the status quo 
systems of the US government through massive non-compliant resistance/*.

We must also be clear that the Zimmerman verdict is a reflection of the 
times. 17-year old Trayvon Martin was the 31^st Black person executed by 
someone employed or protected by the state in 2012. As we demonstrated 
in Operation Ghetto Storm, 313 Black women, men, and children were 
executed without trials by the police, security guards or certified 
"neighborhood watchmen" in 2012. These extrajudicial killings have by no 
means stopped or slowed down, as witnessed by the execution of Kimani 
Gray and dozens more Black people in the first six months of 2013. With 
the Zimmerman verdict justifying and setting new precedent for the 
disposal of Black life, we should expect the number of extrajudicial 
killings to increase. It is now more imperative than ever for us to 
strengthen the organization of our communities and defend ourselves.

*We must defend ourselves, and we have every right to do so /by any 
means necessary/.*

Black people are in a heightened state of crisis. Since being brought to 
the shores of North America as captives from European wars of aggression 
we have constantly battled one crisis after another. However, there are 
times that are more critical and intense than others. We are presently 
living through one of these super -critical periods.

We have been hunted and killed in cold blood by the US government in 
increasing numbers and herded into prisons like cattle in record 
numbers. The facts presented in Operation Ghetto Storm: 2012 Annual 
Report on the Extrajudicial Killing of Black People presents us with a 
deeper understanding of the utter disregard held for Black life within 
the United States.

The continual practice of executing Black people in the country without 
pretense of a trial, jury, or judge is an integral part of the 
government's current overall strategy of containing the Black community 
in a state of perpetual colonial subjugation and exploitation. The 
verdict in the George Zimmerman trial is a testament to the reality that 
the institutions of the United States uplift and are complicit in the 
ongoing genocide of Black people.

The only way we are going to defend ourselves against these genocidal 
challenges is to create a massive social movement. We need a movement 
that strategically takes on the systemic oppression and exploitation 
that prevent Black people from exercising self-determination and human 

In order to fight effectively we have to organize ourselves on a higher 
level. One of the critical areas where we have to step up our organizing 
efforts to be qualitatively more effective is in the area of 
self-defense. We have to be clear that we cannot and should not count on 
our enemies -- like the courts, and other forces of the US government or 
transnational corporations - to protect us. We have to protect ourselves.

*The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) believes that an essential 
part of our Movement for survival must be Self-Defense Networks. *

*We think there are two types of Networks that we have to build:*

*/New Afrikan or Black Self-Defense Networks/* are alliances, 
coalitions, or united fronts of Black organizations whose purpose is to 
defend the Black or New Afrikan community from external (the police, 
FBI, white terrorist organizations, etc.) and internal (agent 
infiltration, intra-communal violence, etc.) threats to its safety and 

*/People's Self-Defense Networks/* are multi-national (or multi-ethnic 
and/or racial) alliances, coalitions, or united fronts whose purpose is 
to defend their communities against mutual enemies and threats and 
advance a common agenda based on shared interests, hopes, and aspirations.

*Oppressed peoples and communities can and will only be secure in this 
country when they are organized to defend themselves against the 
aggressions of the government and the forces of white supremacy and 
capitalist exploitation*.

*The /Every 28 Hours/ Campaign proposes a model for organizing:*

   1. The formation of* Black Self-Defense Networks* to defend our
      people and combat police terrorism. These Networks should seek to
      build Copwatch programs, engage in mass rights based education
      trainings for the community, serve as first responders to acts of
      Police Terrorism, and help coordinate mass resistance to these
      acts via mass mobilizations and direct action. These Networks
      should also be encouraged to engage in offensive campaigns, such
      as referendums to institute Police Control Boards.

   2. The formation of *People's Self-Defense Networks* to defend the
      lives and interests of all oppressed peoples' and exploited
      classes against various forms of state terrorism. These People's
      Self-Defense Networks would work as multi-national alliances to
      engage in a broad manner all of the tasks mentioned above to
      defend oppressed peoples and targeted communities, such as
      LGBTQ2GNC communities, against institutionalized racism, white
      supremacy, institutionalized sexism, patriarchy and state
      repression be it racial profiling, gender profiling, stop and
      frisk, mass incarceration, or mass deportations.

   3. Waging campaigns for local referendums to institute *Police
      Control mechanisms* -- i.e. community based structures that have
      the power to hire, fire, subpoena, and discipline the police on
      the local level. And waging massive, non-compliant campaigns of
      resistance employing *BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanction)
      strategies and tactics* on statewide, regional, and national levels.

   4. Forming *People's Assemblies*, on local, citywide, and regional
      levels to engage in program and demand development initiatives
      that will enable the people to engage in the broad implementation
      of people's programs for self-defense and mutual aid.

The *Malcolm X Grassroots Movement* (*MXGM*) and the /Every 28 Hours/ 
/Campaign/ seeks to strengthen organizing initiatives within Black or 
New Afrikan communities for self-defense, by presenting these 
initiatives with a comprehensive analytical framework and practical 
organizing tools to ground and unite them.

MXGM offers to Black and other oppressed communities three resources 1) 
*Operation Ghetto Storm*, a full report on the 2012 extra judicial 
killings; 2) *Let Your Motto Be Resistance*, an organizing handbook for 
self-defense; and 3) *We Charge Genocide Again!*, a curriculum for the 
/Every 28 Hours Campaign/, to further this objective


*Operation Ghetto Storm: 2012 Annual Report on the Extrajudicial Killing 
of Black People*


*Let Your Motto Be Resistance*


*We Charge Genocide Again! *


For more information on these resources or trainings please contact Kali 
Akuno at kaliakuno at mxgm.org <mailto:kaliakuno at mxgm.org>.

For coalition building and Self-Defense Networks please contact Taliba 
Obuya at taliba at mxgm.org <mailto:taliba at mxgm.org>.

In Unity and Struggle,


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