[Pnews] Health Conditions of Palestinian Prisoner in Hunger Strike Deteriorate

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Fri Oct 2 11:30:49 EDT 2020

Conditions of Palestinian Prisoner in Hunger Strike Deteriorate
October 2, 2020
Palestinian detainee Maher Al-Akhras was transferred to the clinic of
Ramleh prison, after his health condition has seriously deteriorated.
(Photo: via Social Media)

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates expressed today
its deep concern over the health situation of Maher Al-Akhras, a
Palestinian detainee who has been on hunger strike for 70 days in protest
of his detention without charge or trial by the Israeli occupation

Al-Akhras, a father of six children, has been illegally held in
administrative detention several times.

He was detained in 1989 for seven months, in 2004 for two years, in 2009
for sixteen months, in 2018 for eleven months, and lastly sentenced for
four months in administrative detention on July 2020, when he decided to
launch his hunger strike.

Al-Akhras was urgently moved to the hospital due to the severe health
deterioration, as his vital organs are failing, but continues to refuse to
be treated until the punitive illegal administrative detention is

“Administrative detention is Israel’s go-to legal proceeding when it simply
wants to mute the voices of Palestinian political activists, but lacks any
concrete evidence that can be presented in an open, military court,” wrote
Palestinian journalist and editor of The Palestine Chronicle, Ramzy Baroud.

“Not that Israel’s military courts are an example of fairness and
transparency. Indeed, when it comes to Palestinians, the entire Israeli
judicial system is skewed. But administrative detention is a whole new
level of injustice,” Baroud added.

*(Palestine Chronicle, WAFA, Social Media)*
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