[Pnews] Pennsylvania Supreme Court takes jurisdiction of Mumia’s case - halts appeal process based on new evidence

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Tue Feb 25 10:21:20 EST 2020

Breaking News: PA Supreme Court Takes Jurisdiction of Mumia’s case Court 
Grants FOB’s Request

Breaking News:

/Four Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justices just donned their true colors: 
Black and Blue. /

In a blatant attempt to try and stand on the scales of justice, these 
judges sided with the Fraternal Order of Police’s (FOP) King’s Bench 
Petition requesting that the court take jurisdiction from Philadelphia’s 
District Attorney to investigate a charge of bias in favor of  Mumia!

Really, “a special master” to investigate charges of bias in 
anti-corruption crusader Larry Krasner’s DA office?

You have fnnn got to be kidding me.  It is the old guard of the racist 
Philadelphia prosecutorial regime - Frank Rizzo, Ed Rendell, Joe McGill, 
and Lynne Abraham - who were biased and corrupt.

Philadelphia’s progressive DA, Larry Krasner, had stated that a new 
evidentiary hearing should be held in Mumia Abu-Jamal’s case because of 
exculpatory evidence suppressed by the earlier prosecutorial team.  The 
Judge Leon Tucker of the Common Pleas Court had excoriated the former 
prosecutors for literally burying evidence.

Wonder who the special master will be?  A FOP official?  A former DA?

This move undermines the movement for accountability that elected 
Krasner. In that move, the people rejected the business-as-usual police 
corruption. This is for sure an end run around local democracy.

This petition calls for something called “Extraordinary Relief” - 
  claiming that Krasner’s choice to allow Mumia’s call for a new trial 
to proceed is somehow corrupt. “Extraordinary  Relief” is supposed to be 
reserved for moments when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court needs to ensure 
that justice is done.   But this decision is all about thwarting 
justice.  This “intervention” reeks of a coverup - until Krasner and 
Tucker, every step of Mumia’s criminal conviction and appeals process 
has been saturated with racist corruption.  If they cared about justice 
they would have done this long before, when Sabo, Rizzo, and Rendell 
were running the show.

Now they suggest that  Krasner might be biased in favor of Mumia because 
he turned over newly discovered evidence that the former prosecutor 
buried! Kafka would be proud.

When Mumia - and all those other Black and Brown men and women were 
being harassed and swept into the brutal prison industrial complex - 
where was all this oversight?

We must always remember how deeply they want to keep Mumia Abu-Jamal in 
prison. The stronger we get, the nearer to freedom, the more they have 
to lose.  Accountability is looming. We will soon know how thick the 
corruption is that stands between us and freedom. Join us.

Take this journey, dare to win.

King's Bench Petition 
Tucker's Supplemental Opinion 
PA Supreme Court Appoint Special Master 

Noelle and the whole crew at Prison Radio





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