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  Jesus Santrich Given Interpol Red Notice

August 22, 2019

Interpol have officially issued a red notice for the arrest of FARC 
leader Jesus Santrich, following his no-show at a scheduled court 
appearance in Colombia, and failure to inform authorities of his 
whereabouts. Santrich helped negotiate the 2016 peace agreements which 
many say are breaking down due to the state not meeting its obligations.

While at a FARC reintegration camp in the municipality of La Paz on the 
29th of June, Santrich abandoned his security detail, provided to him 
following his release from prison in June. Santrich did not inform his 
party of his actions and gave little indication of his motives which has 
caused concern for the future of Colombia’s peace agreements.

Though at the time of his disappearance he was not a fugitive, and 
within his rights to not inform the state of his whereabouts, he did 
nevertheless had to present himself by July 9th for a court hearing.

There have long been concerns about the mistreatment Santrich suffered 
while he was in jail, as well as the possibility of extradition to the 
U.S. and possible threats to his life, due to the fact that over 160 
FARC members have been killed since Colombia’s peace agreements were 
signed in 2016.

Amid worries that his disappearance may end up damaging Colombia’s peace 
agreements. A FARC statement 
at the time of his disappearance read: “We remain convinced that this 
[peace agreements] is the correct path, and for that reason, we maintain 
and will continue to maintain our firm commitment to peace ...any 
personal or group decision that deviates from what was agreed in the 
Peace Agreements, signed with the Colombian Government in 2016, goes 
against our political line and is therefore only representative of those 
who make such decisions [against the agreements]"

Since the FARC and the government signed the accords, cartels and 
paramilitaries - some with links to the state - have killed over 
160 FARC members and at least 627 social activists. FARC leader Rodrigo 
Londoño said 
<https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/One-Sector-Blocks-Peace-in-Colombia-Ex-FARC-Guerrilla-Leader-20190730-0022.html> that 
it is the state which is blocking the realisation of true peace.

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