[Pnews] August 8th 2018, will officially mark 40 years that The Move 9 have been unjustly imprisoned

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Next Year, August 8th 2018, will officially mark 40 years that The Move 
9 have been unjustly jailed in Pennsylvania prisons. The fact that 
innocent men and women have been wrongly jailed for this long is stomach 
turning in itself; not only will 2018 be symbolic of 40 years of unjust 
imprisonment, but it will also mark in itself that MOVE Members will be 
10 years past their parole eligibility and not one of The Move 9 has 
been paroled yet. In 2008 The Move 9 became parole eligible after 
completing their minimum of 30 years of a 30 to 100 year sentence.

This would appear as something new, but this disturbing practice is 
nothing new as it relates to parole eligibility with political 
prisoners. In 1998 New York State Political Prisoner Robert Seth Hayes 
became parole eligible after completing 25 years of a 25 to life minimum 
sentence. In 2017 Seth is still in prison 19 years past his parole 
eligibility and the same disturbing pattern applies to both Herman Bell 
(Parole Eligible 2003) and Jalil Muntaqim (Parole Eligible 2002), both 
past their state minimums and still denied before their respective state 
parole boards just like The Move 9.

In June of 2017 Delbert Africa went before The Pa Parole Board and was 
denied parole yet again and was deemed a risk to the safety of the 
community. This has been the main point that the parole board has been 
holding onto to use as key argument to deny our family parole, as we 
have taken away the argument of admitting guilt or showing remorse; the 
parole board along with this system's officials know MOVE is innocent. 
We have dedicated our work to exposing the illegal practices of The Pa 
Parole Board and their strong ties to The Fraternal Order Of Police and 
the plot to keep The Move 9 in prison.

The Move 9 have been deemed a risk to the safety of the community, yet 
Randy Feathers, a known pedophile and former member of the pa parole 
board, walks the community. Mark D.Koch. a former high ranking member of 
The Fraternal Order Of Police. sits comfortably on the parole board 
risking the safety of innocent MOVE members by keeping them in prison. 
As a former police officer how many members of the community did Mark 
Koch Beat, Maim, and Murder? Mark Koch with other law enforcement 
officials have raised the greatest risk to the safety of the community 
across the country ;just ask Michael Brown, Johnny Gamage, Eleanor 
Bumpers, Anthony Baez, Corryn Gaines, Tamir Rice Etc .

Michael Africa went before the parole board in September of 2017 and to 
this date we still have no word on a decision if Michael will be paroled 
or not; the last time we had to wait for 5 months before a decision was 
rendered. These are the psychological games that the board plays, as 
Debbie Africa had to wait a month for her decision in 2016 three weeks 
after Janet and Janine Africa were already denied parole. This is 
nothing more than a tactic to try and break The Move 9 and DISCOURAGE 
people working in the interest of justice and what's right, but we are 
not going to be diverted with this.

Somewhere in between November 2017 thru February 2018 Eddie Africa will 
be going before the parole board and in May 2018 Janet, Janine, and 
Debbie Africa will be going before the board again, so we have serious 
work to continue doing. There will be more info to follow in the next 
couple of days with our course of action but in the meantime people are 
asked to sign and share our petition aimed at The United States Justice 

People can sign the petition at 


The Justice And Accountability Campaign

For More Info People Can Go To


Justice For The Move 9/Facebook
Freedom Archives 522 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415 
863.9977 https://freedomarchives.org/
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