[Pnews] Mumia Abu Jamal Cured of Hepatitis C - disease progresses to cirrhosis of the liver

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    _*Mumia Cured of Hepatitis C!*_

In January, Federal District Court Judge Robert Mariani granted 
political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal’s request for a preliminary 
injunction, forcing the PADOC to provide him with drugs capable of 
curing his chronic hepatitis C infection. During an evidentiary hearing 
in December 2015, it was shown that Mumia had a chronic hepatitis C 
infection that was progressively attacking his liver, causing scarring, 
a severe, itchy, painful skin rash that had lasted more than 18 months, 
and anemia of chronic disease. The Court finally ruled in our favor 
and granted a preliminary injunction at the beginning of this year, and 
on May 28, 2017, Mumia announced that he is now free of the hepatitis C 

Listen to Mumia's announcement HERE 

The victory was bittersweet, however, as the PADOC's 2-year fight 
against providing Mumia treatment allowed the disease to progress to 
cirrhosis of the liver. We continue to fight for Mumia to obtain a full 
redress for his injuries at the hands of the PADOC.

Mumia's recovery is a product of the ALC's Hepatitis C Project, aimed at 
organizing a network of pro bono attorneys to provide legal services to 
hepatitis C (HCV) positive inmates in the Pennsylvania prison system. 
Because of medical advances, HCV can now be cured with new direct-acting 
antiviral medications, as seen in Mumia's case. However, more than 6,000 
incarcerated patients in Pennsylvania are still being denied the cure. 
Attorneys are needed to provide representation in this important public 
health effort to establish a right to the cure.

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