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September 30, 2017

      *International Campaign for Human Rights
      of U.S. Political Prisoners*

We will be petitioning the United Nations Committee on the Elimination 
of Racial Discrimination, urging the International Jurists to initiate a 
formal investigation into human rights abuses of U.S. political prisoners.

In 1977, I initiated a National Prisoners Petition Campaign to the 
United Nations. The campaign petitioned the United Nations to recognize 
the existence of U.S. political prisoners. The petition was documented 
as E/CN.4/Sub.2/NGO/75, pertaining to racism and the conditions of 
political prisoners in U.S. penal system.

In 1979, the International Jurists investigated the existence of U.S. 
political prisoners and reported their findings to the United Nations. 
Some of those same political prisoners interviewed in 1979 still 
languish in prison today. They continue to suffer racial oppression from 
being murdered by white supremacists (Hugo Pinell); brutal assaults by 
prison guards (Herman Bell); indefinitely held in solitary confinement 
for political speech (Kevin Rashid Johnson, Jaan Laaman); suffer medical 
neglect (Imam Jamil Al-Amin, Robert Seth Hayes, Tom Manning); persistent 
parole denials after becoming eligible for release (Veronza Bowers, Dr. 
Mutulu Shakur, Sundiata Acoli, Jalil A. Muntaqim), the list is extensive.

On August 18, 2017, the Committee on the Elimination of Racial 
Discrimination (CERD) – Decision 1(93) in Acting under its Early Warning 
and Urgent Action Procedure, issued a statement calling for the United 
States of America to critically denounce the “horrific events of 
Charlottesville of 11-12 August, 2017 leading to the death of Heather 
Heyer…”. The failure of the U.S. government to condemn the Ku Klux Klan, 
neo-Nazis and white supremacists represents the unspoken philosophy of 
the U.S. government since the inception of the Transatlantic Slave 
Trade. By virtue of the historical dynamics of this country’s racial 
conflicts, there have been centuries of dissent, protests, revolts and 
insurrections. Such protests against racial oppression have resulted in 
the existence of political prisoners.

In the Spirit of Nelson Mandela, we are calling for a new investigation 
by the International Jurists on the human rights abuses of U.S. 
political prisoners. It is incumbent on freedom loving peoples of the 
world to join in this campaign to expose this incessant racial 
repression by U.S. white supremacist practices on U.S. political prisoners.

I am requesting the body of the United Nations, in its authority and 
capacity, in support of Human Rights, to vigilantly support this 
campaign. The Jericho Amnesty Movement, the premier U.S. political 
prisoner support organization, and the North East Political Prisoner 
Coalition will provide documents, statements, and materials to the 
investigative body cataloging the human rights abuses of U.S. political 

The Chairperson of CERD, Anastasia Crickley, criticizing the U.S. 
government’s indulgence toward white supremacists, on August 23, 2017, 
stated: “. . . there should be no place in this world for racist white 
supremacist ideas or any similar ideologies that reject the core human 
rights principles of human dignity and equality. We are alarmed by the 
racist demonstrations, with overtly racist slogans, chants and salutes 
by white nationalist, neo-Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan, promoting white 
supremacy and inciting racial discimination and hatred, We call on the 
U.S. Government to investigate thoroughly the phenomenon of racial 
discrimination targeting, in particular, people of African descent, 
ethnic or ethno-religious minorities, and migrants.”

Hence, by virtue of CERD’s position condemning the U.S. Government’s 
failure to denounce white supremacists in Charlottesville, we are 
calling for the International Jurists to conduct the same investigation 
urged by CERD on the human rights abuses of U.S. political prisoners.

Respectfully submitted,

Jalil Abdul Muntaqim

Sullivan Correctional Facility
PO Box 116
Fallsburg, NY 12733-0116

For more information on this human rights campaign contact:
www.thejerichomovement.com; www.jerichony.org; nycjericho at gmail.com;
The Northeast Political Prisoner Coalition

“In the Spirit of Nelson Mandela!"
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