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  Governor Cuomo: Don't Restrict Visits in NYS Prisons!

*Governor Cuomo has just proposed to limit visiting at New York State 
**maximum security prisons to 3 days a week instead of the current 7.*

*If passed, this measure will cause suffering and separation for 
thousands of imprisoned people and their loved ones.*

*PLEASE sign this petition and call Governor Cuomo TODAY at (518) 
474-8390 to insist that the Governor retract this proposal.*

*Restricting visits is regressive, counterproductive, and cruel.* Family 
visits are often the only ways people in prison can maintain connections 
with children, spouses, elderly parents or grandparents, and other 
family and friends. These ties are crucial for loved ones on the 
outside, as well as for people to survive their incarceration with their 
health and well-being intact and to successfully navigate their eventual 
return home after prison. Evidence has long shown that enhancing family 
and community connections is not only extremely valuable for people 
incarcerated and their loved ones, but also increases safety in prisons 
and improves people’s success after their release.

*It is already incredibly difficult for family and friends to visit 
their loved ones in prison in New York.* Governor Cuomo’s proposal to 
limit visiting at maximum security prisons to just the weekends instead 
of the current policy of visits on any day of the week will both 
restrict the ability for people to visit and impose unnecessary burdens 
on weekend visit days. Under the current seven day system, already 
visitors often wait two to three hours to see their loved ones - 
typically after traveling for hours. With reduced days, the wait will be 
longer, the visitor rooms more crowded, and the visiting days and hours 
even more limited. This will be terrible for everyone and impossible for 
many visitors.

While in other contexts the Governor claims to want to support 
compassionate policies and reduce mass incarceration, his visit 
reduction proposal will seriously escalate suffering and family 
disruption, as well as have a negative impact on prison safety and 
people’s success upon release. *Governor Cuomo must withdraw this 
proposal, and instead take steps to further expand access for people to 
visit their loved ones in prison.*

You can also write to Governor Cuomo opposing the cutback in visiting 
hours at NYS max prisons.


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
New York State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

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