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March 22, 2017
Greetings Sisters, Brothers and Supporters,

It has taken a while but I believe we have officially moved the ILPDC 
back to Fargo ND, Under new directorship, Kari Ann and Paulette. 
Paulette is A very seasoned activist and Kari Ann has experience as she 
ran the committee a few years, ago. The reasons for this move and new 
leadership with the committee and also new lawyers, which we are still 
looking for and interviewing, those who are showing interested, anyway. 
well to be honest, and right to the point I am still, here, aren't I? 
The committee, under previous leadership was ineffective, and the 
lawyers, well, they lost this clemency campaign so why should I keep 
going with folks who are loser's? We needed a change SO I MADE IT.

We have built up the board with some people who are very professional 
with good credentials, and fighters. Some are grassroots activist. Our 
advisory board membership is also growing. we are also going to organize 
an elder’s council/advisory board we haven't decide to name it, and we 
have a celebrity’s advisory board that is nearly full, I believe?

Kari has reported to me a lot of you supporters have been patiently 
waiting for instructions on what to do. Well no one is more anxious then 
me to get this started. But all I can do from in here is wait and worry, 
also wonder if and what is going on. What's to be developed and 
organized etc.

We need researchers with legal minds, some with good organizing skills, 
as there are some real legal issues we can file under. don't let anyone 
convince you there isn't anything we can do, you would be surprised at 
the legal things that are available and we can still file on.

Some of the Lawyers we are speaking too are amazed and even shocked and 
asking just what did these Lawyers do for Leonard? Why wasn’t this or 
that filed, etc., Very good questions and honest ones that I know from 
my research have the same questions. Yes and these questions have made 
me very paranoid. One law firm has put staff on researching because he 
cannot believe some things were not filed. he wants to be sure he is 
reading what he is reading.

So, some of this is encouraging mainly because I know I wasn’t reading 
what I wanted to it to be. Or that I was going nuts or something. Of 
course, this is going to take funding (a subject I hate to even mention 
But I must if I ever expect to win what little freedom I can, from what 
life I have left) to get justice in America it doesn’t come free. so, we 
will need everyone that can to help. Thank you, Sisters and Brothers, 
for believing in me and supporting me all of these years. You have all 
been great.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,
Leonard Peltier

ILPDC | PO BOX 329, Fargo ND 58107
Freedom Archives 522 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415 
863.9977 www.freedomarchives.org
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