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Tue Apr 26 13:01:41 EDT 2016

A minute after midnight, in this cell reading Ramzy Baroud’s March 17^th 
piece on the BDS/Boycott of the Zionists who occupy Palestine and 
slaughter Palestinians at will.

I watch TV in here, this prison hospital, a lot and see what the 
American public is fed and accept passively every day. Things that seem 
minor to my fellow captives when I mention it – which I do. They look at 
me as if I’m the TV grouch.

The blond actress Jorgenson who is pro Zionist factories in West Bank 
Palestine. She is a super hero in Captain America – the movie. An 
Israeli soldier who plays Wonder Woman in another super hero movie, who 
gets more air/interview time than the Palestinian shot in the head by an 
Israeli soldier while laying on the ground under arrest. Bang! Big joke.

I see a news clip. It shows two men, a father and son maybe, tending 
their fishing gear on a beach with the open sea beyond. Open? The 
Zionists have just allowed Palestinians of Gaza to fish nine miles out – 
the limit has been six miles. While I take in this view, I have the 
visual memory of the four boys in a tight, athletic group running this 
way then that – trying unsuccessfully to outrun the bursting shells the 
Zionists are lobbing at them from out on that sea.

Then CBS evening news shows us the young men of Gaza who do amazing 
acrobatic jumping and tumbling amidst the ruins of their city – looking 
for moments of freedom when their feet are off the ground between 
leaping and landing.

And as the American reporter interviews them for the little news novelty 
moment at the end of the evening, we can see the shining ribbon of 
prison/apartheid wall in the background – from one side of the TV screen 
to the other with the very high-tech, highly lethal watchtower, guard 
tower, shining against the blue sky.

I try to focus my fellow captives on the real story behind the 
diversionary propaganda – try to explain apartheid and how it can be 
applied in places other than South Africa.

When asked “How do you know all this shit?” I tell them I’m here in this 
prison with them for fighting against apartheid.

I can’t capture on paper the Abbott and Costello like conversation that 
grew out of this. And as I left the TV room, I heard someone say, “That 
mother fucker’s crazy,” and someone else says “what time’s the game on?”


Tom Manning # 10373-016

Federal Medical Center

Butner, NC 27509

(That was a moment in the Black TV room. The white TV room is sixty feet 
further along this prison block, the Spanish TV room is on the other 
side. They understand apartheid more than they think they do.)


    /*Tom Manning *is an anti-imperialist revolutionary who/was active
    in the United Freedom Front
    <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Freedom_Front>, a clandestine
    anti-imperialist organization that carried out targeted bombings of
    corporate buildings, courthouses and military facilities and also
    carried out bank robberies to fund revolutionary projects. He was
    unjustly sentenced to 80 years in prison for killing a New Jersey
    state trooper in self-defense.

His Book of art is For Love and Liberty. 

Tom has been held captive since 1985. More about Tom:

Freedom Archives 522 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415 
863.9977 www.freedomarchives.org
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