[Pnews] Cuban singer Silvio Rodríguez calls for the release of Ana Belen Montes

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  Cuban singer Silvio Rodríguez calls for the release of U.S.-jailed spy

NORA GÁMEZ TORRES - April 11, 2016

Renowned Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez has asked for the 
release of convicted spy, Ana Belen Montes — a senior analyst at the 
U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency*(*DIA), who is serving a 25-year 
sentence on charges of spying for the Cuban government.

Rodríguez dedicated a Spanish song titled /La Maza/ to Montes during a 
concert at La Coruña, Spain, on Friday, and then asked for her release 
on his blog /Segunda Cita/.

“The woman... is not Cuban but Puerto Rican,” Rodríguez wrote in his 
blog. “Her name is Ana Belen Montes and she was a senior officer of the 
US secret services. When she knew they were going to do something bad to 
Cuba, she passed the information to us. That is why she is serving 
decades in prison and, a few years ago, I published here her plea of ​​ 
self-defense. Ana Belen Montes. Not a lot bad things happened to us 
because of her. Freedom for her.”

U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Miami, called Rodríguez a “liar” and “a 
regime stooge,” noting that**Montes “did everything in her power to hurt 
our nation when she served as a senior analyst at the Defense 
Intelligence Agency.”

In a statement, Ros-Lehtinen added that “it is documented that Montes 
committed treason in order to further her own ideological agenda and did 
serious damage to our nation’s national security by sharing sensitive 
information with the Castro regime. I am grateful for the quick work of 
U.S. law enforcement personnel in arresting Montes immediately after 
September 11, 2001 in order to prevent her from further damaging our 
nation’s security.”

Montes, 59, was the highest-ranking Cuba analyst at the DIA when she was 
arrested in 2001 on charges of “conspiracy to commit espionage” for the 
Cuban government, a crime for which she pleaded guilty. Montes was 
accused of revealing the identities of undercover U.S. agents to Cuban 

Following the December 2014 release of the remaining three of five 
members of the Wasp Network — identified in Cuba as the “five heroes” — 
calls to free Montes have multiplied in pro-government blogs, which has 
fueled speculation about her possible release.

According to Ros-Lehtinen, “communist singer Silvio Rodríguez’s wrong 
assertion behind Ana Belen Montes’ treason could be the beginning of a 
new campaign to free the spy.”

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