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June 2010

Ramon Prison - Isolation Section

To the <http://ussf2010.org/>US Social 

I greet you from inside the walls of the prisons of the occupation, 
with the voice of thousands of Palestinian and Arab political 
prisoners. On behalf of the Palestinian prisoners' movement, the 
Palestinian national movement, and the Popular Front for the 
Liberation of Palestine, I carry our salutes to the US Social Forum, 
this coming together of movements of oppressed peoples to organize 
and stand together against racism, colonialism, oppression and imperialism.

The Palestinian struggle for national liberation is part and parcel 
of the international movement of peoples for national liberation, 
international racial and economic justice, and an end to occupation, 
colonialism and imperialism. We salute all of the oppressed groups, 
nations and communities who have come together to build this social 
forum, including our sisters and brothers in the Palestinian and Arab 
community in the US and the indigenous peoples of the Americas on 
whose land the US empire of today was built, and who have remained a 
constant presence of resistance for over 400 years.

As we struggle to end apartheid, racism and occupation in Palestine, 
we recognize that we face not only the enemy immediately before us - 
Israel - but the full force and muscle of the U.S. government behind 
it. We view the US Social Forum as an expression of the popular 
movements inside the United States, working inside the empire to 
achieve justice for all, and join our hands in solidarity with yours. 
Our struggle is your struggle, and your struggle is ours.

The power of the U.S. empire in a unipolar world is being shaken by 
resistance and popular movements, from those inside the U.S., to the 
rising strength of the Left in Latin America, in Venezuela, Cuba, 
Bolivia, Nicaragua and elsewhere, to the development of alternative 
and regional powers around the world who are forming a strong 
counterweight to the empire. It is a necessity that the US empire and 
the unipolar world upon which it thrives is upended, and we greet the 
USSF's commitment that "another U.S. is necessary" with resounding 
agreement and solidarity.

A global front of the Left, of popular movements, of those who 
struggle for liberation and against imperialism and oppression, is 
necessary today, and the US Social Forum - and the entire Social 
Forum movement - is integral in building that global Left Front.

As you know, our struggle in Palestine is deeply linked to the 
struggle in the United States. There are two camps - the camp of 
empire and its allies, headed by the U.S. and Israel and, in our 
region, the complicit Arab regimes, and the camp of resistance. We 
see you as part of the resistance camp. The U.S. government is 
responsible for the Israeli crimes against our people - the thousands 
of political prisoners behind bars, the millions of refugees 
prohibited from returning home, the ethnic cleansing and home 
demolitions, the ongoing occupation, the apartheid wall tearing 
through our land, the apartheid and entrenched racism. For over 62 
years, the U.S. government has been the sponsor of the racist Israeli state.

Today it is more critical than ever that you escalate your campaigns 
in solidarity with Palestine, that you internationally isolate Israel 
and all of its products, that you make it clear that the people of 
the United States stand alongside the people of Palestine to achieve 
our full national and human rights - to self determination, return 
for our refugees, an end to occupation, and national liberation.

We have heard news recently of the massacre of the Freedom Flotilla 
to Gaza, and that the seas have carried a great message of courage 
and shouldered a great burden of blood; that the prisons that hold 
our prisoners of freedom have held the prisoners of freedom of the 
world; and that the international movement for justice has new 
martyrs who will inspire us all to struggle in their path of courage, 
strength, indomitable solidarity and commitment to justice in the 
face of brutal oppression. Their example is an example to us all, and 
the Flotilla martyrs, prisoners, organizers and participants are part 
of the long line of heroes of our Palestinian people's struggle, and 
all of our global people's struggles for justice and liberation.

Towards a global left front - for socialism, equality, justice and liberation!

We join in your call: Another World is Possible! Another U.S. is Necessary!

Ahmad Sa'adat
General Secretary
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Sa'adat's biography, writings and statements are available at the 
website of the <http://www.freeahmadsaadat.org>Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa'adat.

The Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa'adat
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