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Battles Yet To Be Won: A Benefit for Political 
Prisoner Marie Mason Perspectives on Repression & 
Resistance- From the 1960’s to the Present

Thursday, July 22, 2010
7:30 PM
Submission Gallery
2183 Mission Street, San Francisco

donation: $5 – $20, no one turned away

Featuring: Former Prisoners Jeff Luers and Linda 
Evans, and Earth First!er Karen Pickett

Followed by tunes aplenty by KUSF DJ Carolyn Keddy


Marie Mason is a long-time activist in the 
environmental and labor movements. In 2008, she 
was arrested on federal charges of property 
destruction that occurred in 1999. She was 
sentenced in 2009 to almost 22 years – the 
longest term of any “Green Scare” prisoner. Marie 
is currently appealing her sentence. She is 
imprisoned in Waseca, MN and is the loving mother 
of 2 children, from whom she has been torn away. 
For more information, see 

The “Green Scare” refers to the recent arrests of 
animal rights and environmental activists, 
charged with acts of economic sabotage. The US 
government and courts have dealt the activists 
outrageous sentences, publicly labeling them as 
“terrorists” – despite the fact that no one has 
been injured in any of their actions. For an 
introduction to the Green Scare, see 

This event will contextualize the current 
repression, a continuation of the government’s 
COINTELPRO agenda that historically also targeted 
movements such as the Black Panthers, American 
Indian Movement, Chicano rights, Puerto Rican 
Independentistas, and those in solidarity with 
them. Former prisoners will share their 
experiences and perspectives on Marie Mason’s 
case, focusing on what we can do to support her. 
Our struggles for change can only succeed if we 
show solidarity with our brothers and sisters who 
have fallen into the hands of the state. Let’s 
gather to strengthen our  resistance!


Linda Evans – Sentenced to 40 years in prison in 
1987 for her participation in radical resistance 
against U.S. imperialism, Linda Evans was 
released after presidential commutation in 2001. 
She has fought tirelessly for justice inside and 
out of prison, currently working with Legal 
Services for Prisoners with Children and All of 
Us or None to demand an end to the life-long 
discrimination faced by former prisoners. Linda 
will discuss the history of repression and 
resistance in the U.S., as well as specific issues faced by women in prison.

Jeff ‘Free’ Luers – In June 2001, 23 year-old 
forest defense activist Jeff “Free” Luers was 
sentenced to over 22 years for the burning of 
three SUV’s in Eugene, Oregon as a statement on 
global warming. After serving close to 10 years, 
Jeff was released in 2009 following a successful 
appeal. He will share his experiences and the 
ways in which the loud voices of supporters were 
instrumental in his early release.

Karen Pickett - Long-time Earth First! activist 
Karen Pickett has been an inspired participant in 
the environmental struggle for years. She is a 
personal friend of Marie Mason and has 
continuously supported her since her arrest. 
Karen will discuss Marie’s case, their 
relationship, and ways in which we can demonstrate our solidarity with Marie.

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