[Ppnews] Prison conditions worsening for 100 Palestinian mothers

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Thu Sep 7 11:12:52 EDT 2006

Nearly 100 Palestinian mothers are in Israeli Telmond Prison and 
conditions are worsening


(Ramallah) Palestine News Network
Thursday, 07 September 2006

Lawyers from the Mandela Institute reported Thursday that the number 
of Palestinian mothers in Israeli prisons is on the rise.

Israeli forces are arresting women with children in order to pressure 
others to confess to suspected acts of resistance or to turn 
themselves in to the occupation authorities. Mandela is following the 
cases of women being held in the Israeli military's Telmond Prison.

The conditions of their detentions are worsening. There is an acute 
shortage of proper food, medicines and personal products. Access to 
the prison store, and funds for purchase, are limited.

Cells are severely overcrowded with some holding 12 women in one 
room. Critical medical cases are not receiving timely care, and the 
more common ailments are not dealt with at all.

Pregnant women have no access to prenatal vitamins while simple 
checkups are spotty at best. One of the women is experiencing severe 
cramping yet has not been afforded treatment.

With temperatures and humidity still high both Section 11, which 
holds 47 women captive, and Section 19 that holds 49 women and 
children, are unbearable. Other women are put in solitary confinement 
for three day periods, which is even more horrific as reported by the 
Mandela Institute.

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