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San Francisco Grand Jury Update 1/29/06

In the latest chapter of the government’s attempts to silence dissent,
four people appeared before a federal grand jury in San Francisco on
Wednesday, January 25.

Two of the subpoenaed activists, Nadia Winstead and Ariana Huemer,
asserted their Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. Federal prosecutors
quickly stripped them of this right by forcing immunity upon them—thereby
compelling them to testify or face contempt charges. Each responded by
choosing to “respectfully decline” to answer further questions.

Nonetheless, the U.S. attorney continued to fire a barrage of questions at
them. Throughout, Nadia and Ariana remained strong and refused to answer
any questions, until they were eventually excused for the day.

Two others subpoenaed for that day, Rick Bogle and Stacie Nievaard,
entered the Grand Jury room and answered most of the questions posed by
the U.S. Attorney. Although to our knowledge they did not directly
implicate anyone in criminal activity, we can only hope their answers will
not result in more subpoenas and further government harassment of

All four of the activists are done for now, but they may be called before
the grand jury again or face further charges, including contempt of court,
at any time.

Three remaining activists subpoenaed last June-- Joshua Trenter, Andrea
Lindsay and David Hayden-- are still awaiting their appearance dates.
Outside of the Federal Building, about 50 activists and local media
attended a demonstration in support of those resisting the grand jury. Of
some note was the brief appearance of FBI agent “Jenny,” who attempted to
hand out “Wanted” posters in front of the Federal Building before being
booed away by activists. (See photos of Jenny and other attendees at

Stay tuned to FBIwichHunt.com for updates and announcements about future
appearance dates and protests.

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