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HLLN NOTE:  While Father Jean Juste and over 
1,000 political prisoners waste in indefinite 
extra-judicial detention in Haiti, which system 
of corruption and lawlessness is being maintained 
by the UN over the objections of the Haitian 
people and masses, the US Embassy, now headed by 
Haiti Democracy Project's, Timothy M Carney is 
busy issuing statements about how said interim 
ambassador and US officials in general have "no 
say in the internal affairs of Haiti or any
other sovereign country." Of course, the 
hypocrisy, forked tongue and unbelievable 
untruths of this statement escapes no one. For 
without US support, Latortue would not be in 
office in Haiti and neither would Jean Juste or 
1,000 Lavalas sympathizers and supporters be 
currently in prison and dying there.

Reuters via Yahoo - Jan 28, 2006

Jailed Haiti priest hospitalized with pneumonia

By Joseph Guyler Delva

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (Reuters) - A popular ex-adviser to ousted
Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide whose imprisonment has drawn
international criticism was hospitalized on Saturday with pneumonia,
an official said.

Roman Catholic priest Gerard Jean-Juste, previously diagnosed with
leukemia, was suffering from a fever and a cough, said Marc Wilkens
Jean, commissioner of prisons in the unstable Caribbean country.

"Our doctor said his condition was very serious and recommended that
we take him to a hospital to place him under medical supervision,"
Jean told Reuters after Jean-Juste was taken to a private medical
center in Port-au-Prince.

Jean-Juste, imprisoned in July, clutched a picture of the Virgin Mary
holding a baby Jesus as he was pushed into the hospital in a

"My heart is beating too fast," he told Reuters, adding that he had
been having trouble breathing. Swelling caused by the leukemia was
visible on his neck and under one arm.

The fiery priest was originally accused of involvement in the murder
of a journalist. Those charges were dropped, but now he is accused of
having illegal weapons and being involved in illegal gang activity.

Jean-Juste denies the charges and Amnesty International has called him
a prisoner of conscience, punished for criticizing the interim
authorities that took over after Aristide was removed in February
2004. Members of the U.S. Congress also have called for his release.

Haiti's interim authorities said they would consider allowing
Jean-Juste to travel abroad for treatment -- the first time the
government has opened up that possibility.

"We have no objection that he travel if ultimately this is what needs
to be done for him to get treatment," said Michel Brunache, chief of
staff for interim President Boniface Alexandre.

Jean-Juste and his supporters have called on the government to free
him and allow him to seek treatment for his leukemia in the United
States, where he lived for many years.

"This is a humanitarian matter. It's a big crime that the government
wants to keep me here. They probably want me to die," Jean-Juste said.

Widely viewed as the natural successor to Aristide, Jean-Juste said
the government had always wanted to put him behind bars because they
believed he wanted to become president. He denies any presidential

The first presidential election since Aristide was driven from office
has been postponed repeatedly because of violence, disorganization and
logistical problems. The vote is now set for February 7.



- DEMAND RELEASE OF FATHER JEAN JUSTE ­ diagnosed today by a Harvard Medical
doctor with pneumonia and worsening leukemia condition.


Given the length of time Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, Father Jean Juste, So
Ann, Jacques Mathelier have spent in jail for no good cause that justice
deferred is justice denied.

It is equally obvious that concerned Haitians MUST do something beyond appeal
to the US Congress and State Department so that Latortue will OPEN the prison
doors to free the Fanmi Lavalas leadership as well as the more than 1000
Lavalas sympathizers he has jailed without charge or trial for close to 2
years now. We stress that the keys to Latortue's jails as well as Haiti's
liberation rest squarely in the able hands of the Haitian people.

HLLN therefore appeals again, directly to the HAITIANS in Haiti, actually
given those prison keys to hold, to stop following orders or “doing their
jobs” and, instead, do the moral and ethical thing: Take positive action and
open the prison gates. Stop the death of Jean Juste and all the political
prisoners in Haiti. Please. All the political prisoners NEED to be released
immediately. It’s time for the law to be brought into application.

Jean Juste’s life is in serious, serious and immediate danger.


We are asking for our Network, especially Haitians and those who speak
Kreyol, to immediately call the newspapers, television stations and radio
stations IN HAITI. (See list below)

We must let the PEOPLE OF HAITI know father Jean Juste will not live long.
His condition has substantially worsened. This morning he was diagnosed with

Dr. Jennifer Furin, from the Harvard Medical School, who examined Fr.
Jean-Juste TODAY, wrote "marked deterioration of his condition since I last
saw him two weeks ago." "his health has steadily deteriorated. Over the last
four days he has had a fever and cough, and was diagnosed with pneumonia.

His blood cell count has dropped markedly due to the leukemia, and he appears
extremely pale, fatigued, and with visible skin bruises due to his rapidly
advancing disease" "Father Jean-Juste requires immediate hospital-level care
for this deteriorating condition. Further, given his precipitously low blood
cell counts, significantly worse than two weeks ago..."

Ayisyen, nou pa kapab ap ret chita tann "GWO MOUN" lan etazini pou ede nou.
Fok Ayisyen leve kampe pou sove lavi pè Jean Juste jodi a menm!!!

Kriminèl ki lage kidnapè Stanley Handal ak asasin Louis Jodel Chamblain yo pa
p pè touye pè Jean Juste.

We must defend our own, ourselves. We are our own liberators. We urge
Haitians to call the Haitian radio stations in Haiti. Let them know that
Father Jean Juste will die without immediate medical treatment. Explain to
them that the Harvard doctor who examined him today said "it is imperative
that he also receives immediate treatment for his leukemia. Without this
treatment he will die in prison."

At this critical juncture, with Father Jean-Juste's imminent death staring us
in the face, we ask the Haitian people to flood the media in Haiti and in the
Diaspora. Take to the streets la sosyete. Agitate, agitate, agitate and the
gates will open and our liberation will come.

Pè Jean Juste deserves our help more, our actions MORE. Ayisyen, stand up for
him, please.

Call, call, call and email the Haitian Radio and TV Stations IN HAITI:

Radio Solidarite (011 509) 245 5055, 245 5055, 245 5836)
E-mail: venelremarais at yahoo.fr

Radio Ginen, 246 2867
Email: radyoginen at radyoginen.com and feedback at radyoginen.com

Melodie FM 221 8568 or 221- 8596
Email: melodiefm at hotmail.com

Radio Tropic FM (011 509) 244 0571

Radio National D’ Haiti - 223 - 5712, 0r 223-6264
email: (info at radiohaiti.com)

Radio Galaxie, 223-9942 or 223-9943
Email: laradiogalaxie at yahoo.fr

Radio Vision 2000 - 245-4914
Email: administration at radiovision2000.com , and info at radiovision2000.com

Radio Kiskeya 244-6605 or 244- 6607
Email: admin at radiokiskeya.com

Radio Metropole, 246­2626 or 246-5335
E-mail: administratio at radiometropolehaiti.com

Radio Caraibe FM ­ 223-0644 or 223-6827
Email: radiocaraibesfm at yahoo.fr

Radio Megastar -

Radio Antilles - 408 - 9415, 550 - 7313

Radio Balade FM 011-509-268-6607
Email: baladefm at yahoo.com


Ask the ones you reach for the numbers for the other stations in Haiti.

Call Haitian TV stations:
Channel 11,
Tele Ginen
Television National D'Haiti.....

Association des Journalistes Haitiens (AJH) / Reuters
Guyler C. Delva | 558 - 9048 | guylerdelva at yahoo.fr

Please folks, if you can think of something else HLLN may do now to pressure
for the IMMEDIATE release of father Jean Juste, let us know. If you have the
numbers, names and/or emails for the other Haitian radio and TV stations in
Haiti, please e-mail them to erzilidanto at yahoo.com immediately for sharing
with the Network. Also, if any of the above numbers are wrong, and you know
the updated numbers, let us know that also. Mesi anpil.

Contact information for US local and national media is:

Marguerite (Ezili Danto) Laurent, Esq.
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
January 26, 2006

Forwarded by the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

The Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
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