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Urgent ELP! Bulletin (17th January 2006)

Dear friends

ELP has four lots of news for you today:

     1) Auburn Three Update
     2) Peter Young has arrived at his new address
     3) Chelsea Gerlach support campaign news
     4) Jon Robert transferred

1) A few days ago ELP reported the arrests of three people, Eric McDavid,
Zac Jenson and Lauren Weiner, who have been accused of planning to carry out
ELF actions.  Eric, Zac and Lauren have been dubbed the Auburn Three and a
support campaign has been set up for them.  The support campaign can be
contacted by e-mailing sacprisonersupport at riseup.net

Concerning their needs whilst in prison, ELP has learnt that both Eric and
Lauren are vegan.  Zac is a vegetarian.  As ELP supporters will be aware,
people held at Sacramento County Main Jail have found it a problem obtaining
a meat free diet from this prison and we believe these three are also
finding it hard to obtain meals in accordance with their beliefs.

Both Lauren and Zac have asked that their supporters contact the prison
asking that they are given proper vegan/vegetarian meals.  Eric has
requested that people DO NOT call the prison on his behalf yet as he is
trying to secure his vegan diet by himself, but if this fails he will ask
for their assistance.

With their diets ELP notes that it is highly important that Lauren, in
particular, receives the correct meals.  She has Lyme disease which is
maintained through dietary control, so it is vital, for her health, she
obtains the correct meals.  She is also lactose intolerant which again
emphasises her need for a proper vegan diet.

So please do contact the prison and politely ask that Lauren is given a
proper vegan diet and Zac is given a vegetarian diet.  Letters should be
sent to:

     Sacramento County Main Jail
     651 "I" Street
     Sacramento, CA 95814

Also whilst your writing, don't forget to send letters of support to Eric,
Zac and Lauren.  All three welcome letters of support, so get writing today!
Eric and Zac are currently in the normal part of the jail, but Lauren is
held in isolation.  Letters of support should be addressed to:

     Sacramento County Main Jail
     651 "I" Street
     Sacramento, CA 95814

     Sacramento County Main Jail
     651 "I" Street
     Sacramento, CA 95814

     ERIC MCDAVID X-2972521 BKGM
     Sacramento County Main Jail
     651 "I" Street
     Sacramento, CA 95814

Please write to each prisoner separately.  Also, when writing, remember they
are in prison, so don't put anything in your letter that you wouldn't say
directly to a coppers face.  ALL letters to prisoners are read by the
authorities, so please be aware of this.  However don't let that put you off
writing.  All three LOVE receiving letters of support, so as we said, get

2) ELP has just learnt that American ALF prisoner, Peter Young, has arrived
at his new prison where he is expected to serve the remainder of his
sentence.  So when writing to Pete, please address your letters of support

     Peter Daniel Young
     # 10269-111
     FCI Vitorville Medium II
     Federal Correctional Institution
     PO Box 5700
     Adelanto,CA  92301

3) Chelsea Gerlach, who is one of the people arrested on the 7th of December
2005, is expected to have three separate trials for the three separate
accusations put against her; ie the Vail arson, toppling the Bonneville
Power tower and the Childers Meat Co arson.  Her first trial is due to start
in less than a months time, on Valentines Day (14th of February  2006).

So people can receive regular updates on Chelsea a website has been set up
for her, this can be viewed at www.supportchelsea.org  ELP encourages
everyone to visit this website regularly, but obviously we will be
monitoring her trial and will bring you all the news as we receive it.  Also
please note, Chelsea's support group has changed their e-mail address.
Their new address is supportchelsea at mutualaid.org

Like all of the defendants arrested on the 7th of December 2005, Chelsea is
facing very serious charges which could carry lengthy prison sentences is
convicted.  So please send lots of letters of support to:

     Chelsea Gerlach #1308678
     Lane County Jail
     101 W 5th Ave
     Eugene, OR 97401

Also please note, Chelsea has mentioned to her support campaign that she has
been receiving some letters which are saying "this is my third letter I've
sent you" yet without ever receiving the first two letters.  The prison is
really playing around with all the letters of support, so please keep
writing even if you don't receive a reply.  It is vital we support Chelsea
and the others arrested on the 7th of December 2005.  They deserve our

4) The support campaign for anti-globalisation (Party & Protest) prisoner
Jonathan Robert, has told ELP that Jon has been shipped out of Muscogee
County Jail and is being transferred to Macon, however there is some doubt
about whether he will reach this prison or whether he'll be moved to another
one in Columbus.  Therefore his support campaign is just listing Jon as
being "in transit" at the moment.  Jon's support campaign has also informed
ELP that Jon might be charged with "making terrorist threats", which is
obviously not good news.  For more info e-mail supportjonathan at mutualaid.org


"Prison is a weapon used by the State to crush individuals who step out of
line" (Michael Collins - former Mayday 2000 prisoner)

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