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Mon Dec 2 12:10:07 EST 2019

Dear Friends, Please visit *HERE 
<https://freedomarchives.org/donation/>*to make a donation.

Thanks for your support over the past twenty years as we approach the 
year’s end. We hope you can continue to support us in this coming year 
of 2020!

One of our most exciting updates comes from our continued work in 
Colorado around preserving stories from the Chican@ Movement.In 2017, by 
chance, Jasmine Baetz, a Master of Fine Arts student studying at CU 
Boulder, attended a screening of our film /*Symbols of Resistance*/**on 
campus*. *Jasmine said, “I try to impress upon people how random it was 
that I went to see it. I got an email from the Women in the Gender 
Studies. I just went over because I wanted a break from the studio. I 
had no understanding of what the content of the film was. And I think at 
that point, if I’d ever seen the word Chicano, I didn’t understand what 
it meant.”

But the film stuck with her as did the words of the panelists that 
night, who included Priscilla Falcon, Chicana activist and widow of 
murdered Chicano leader Ricardo Falcon.

Jasmine learned about the historical significance of Los Seis and what 
was happening in the struggle for educational equity and social justice 
on the CU campus in the early 1970s. “I found that very shocking,” 
Jasmine said. “I thought that was something that would have been 
codified in some way in the institution’s history.”

When Jasmine realized that there was no marker on campus to remember 
these activists, she decided to do something about it – to create a 
piece of art that could honor the sacrifice of Los Seis de Boulder, the 
six students killed in two car bombings in 1974, while also serving as a 
tribute to all those who fight for justice.

The project took two years to complete with more than 200 people 
eventually working on the sculpture, including creating the many tiles 
that make up the mosaic portraits of Los Seis. It was dedicated 
September 6, 2019.


*The 6-foot concrete and tile sculpture in front of TB-1 commemorates 
the activism of the Chican@ Student Movement and Los Seis who were 
killed in 1974.*

For now, the sculpture’s location is in front of TB-1, which was 
occupied by students during the time when the car bombings happened. The 
university has said the sculpture is only temporary which has 
invigorated student demands for it being made permanent. It is the 
perfect place!

Claude traveled to campus this September to speak about Documentary 
and Archival Work in Times of Crisis– */Symbols of Resistance/*//and Los 
Seis de Boulder. A very well-attended event was held.


We also welcomed three new members to our Board this year – Nathaniel 
Moore, who has been on staff as our archivist since 2012, Carli Lowe, 
who interned with us and is the new university archivist at San Jose 
State University, and Eddie Yuen, a long-time friend of the Archives who 
has been involved for many years in archiving social movement history. 
Our complete list of Board members and more complete bios are on our 

As we close this year, we continue to work on unique and thoughtful 
projects to amplify our archival materials and engage new generations 
with our work. We recently finalized a curriculum to accompany */Symbols 
of Resistance,/* including newly digitized archival resources and 
classroom activities. We reformatted and updated the online version of 
*/Out of Control:/* */A 15-Year Battle Against Control Unit Prisons/*/. 
/We also//continue to nourish our dynamic internship program, take in 
and preserve new collections of important social movement history, and 
provide guidance and access to researchers and those using our materials 
in books, radio, film and exhibits.

In the midst of deeply threatening times, as well as resistance at home 
and worldwide, we have — only with your consistent support—been able to 
preserve and help widen lessons of our recent history, with an eye 
toward the present and struggles of the future.We hope that you’re able 
to further contribute to our accomplishments.

Please visit *HERE <https://freedomarchives.org/donation/>*to make a 
donation or text */Freedom/* to 415 233-8420 or scan the QR code

¡mil gracias!


Freedom Archives 522 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415 
863.9977 https://freedomarchives.org/
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