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  Red Warrior Camp Leaves Oceti Sakowin

December 11, 2016

*Red Warrior Camp has left the Lands and Waters of Oceti Sakowin.*

Grassroots leaders LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard, and Chase Iron Eyes 
from Standing Rock have also spoken and have made it abundantly clear 
that they want those equipped for the harsh North Dakota winter to stay 
and help stop DAPL, due to our current circumstance it is with great 
regret that we as Red Warrior cannot accept this heartfelt invitation. 
That is not to say we do not support this effort in fact is quite the 
opposite, we send our Warrior Salute and War Cry to the universe and the 
ancestors that their needs are met and they receive the love and support 
they need in the fight for clean water.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s Chairman Dave Archambault has made it 
abundantly clear that a diversity of tactics in the battle against the 
Dakota Access Pipeline is not respected nor wanted. We have this to say: 
without the courage and the actions of those who actually put their 
minds, bodies, and spirits in harms way the pipeline would be built. 
Without the Warriors who locked down and took measures to put a stop to 
the work on DAPL, the black blood would already be flowing under the 
Missouri river. The encampment itself would not even be here right now. 
The hard work of the Warriors has cost ETP millions, we have struck the 
Black Snake a deadly blow.

The peace policing that was led by people who were for the most part 
self appointed used ceremony and spirituality as a weapon against us, 
they too have made it abundantly clear by their actions and their 
constant slinging of arrows that they are not ready to embrace a world 
view that upholds decolonization and revolution.

After months of active duty as Warriors fighting for Sacred Water and 
protecting Sacred Ground, and due to the current political climate here 
at Standing Rock, Red Warrior Camp is evolving. We are taking time to 
recoup, and expand on who we are as a Society. We have worked very hard 
here for many months and must be mindful of ourselves and our families 
and also to self care. We must also be true to who we are and as 
Indigenous Land Defenders, we are committed fully to our roles as 
Warriors and have worked too hard to allow any kind of outside threat to 
compromise our duties and movement.

Red Warrior Society is now dedicating ourselves to building a culture 
and community of Resistance on every level. We were called here by the 
People to help fight a battle that is far from our home territories for 
many of us, we have sacrificed much in the efforts for Mni Wiconi. 
Facing felony charges, lasting bodily harm and the long lasting effects 
of battle fatigue we have laid it all on the line for the water. Our 
time here has come to an end, we have done all we can in this fight and 
we are honored to have stood beside not only the Tribe but to each and 
every one of you from all nations all over the planet who came here with 
the fire of resistance in your bellies and fought hard and long beside us.

We offer up our sincerest thanks to all who have bettered us as a Camp, 
we are grateful to those who have made our lives here easier and who 
have sheltered us and fed us. To all those who came forward and offered 
their help in the form of finances and the sweat from their bodies. We 
salute you, your help, love, and offerings have given us the heart to be 
here for so many months, and it has held us up when we were weary from 
battle and felt discouraged. Without this we would not be in a place to 
carry on our battle to other frontlines and we would not be as strong as 
we are. There are no words in this colonized language to express the 
deep feelings we carry with us, for this movement that has arisen from 
this historic time, water is life.

One of the lessons we have learned that has inspired us is the very real 
need for a mobile resistance movement that is ready and willing to 
dismantle the capitalist regime that is destroying our planet. The 
mobilization of resistance is key to shattering the oppressive illegal 
military occupation of the so called ‘Amerikkkas’, for too long we have 
lived with broken treaties, genocide, racism and colonization. In order 
to best honor our ancestors and the future generations we are living our 
principles by forming a Warrior Society rooted in combatting the 
indoctrination of our minds, bodies, and spirits. We do not need 
Standing Rock to exist, but we did however require it to put us all in 
the same place at the same time. We realize now that all we need is each 
other, our Red Warrior family has undertaken the responsibility and role 
to uphold not only Mother Earth but Indigenous Rights. It is with this 
duty in mind we must rise up and move on.

We are unapologetically Indigenous, we embody resistance, everything we 
do from eating rubber bullets for breakfast to holding our frontline has 
been done in a manner that is nothing but spiritual. We have great 
respect and love for prayer and ceremony and understand its place in a 
time of battle, many of our People are spiritual leaders in their own 
right and in their own territories. We are the answered prayers of our 
Ancestors embodied in the flesh, we are given a sacred duty to ensure 
the continuity of our Peoples way of life on this planet, and to protect 
the future for those spirits yet to come. This is a call to action to 
which no man or women can or should deny in these precarious times.

The time has come for us as Red Warrior take a leap of faith in our 
Ancestors and carve a space for ourselves to exist as free from 
colonialism as we can. We recognize and acknowledge our role, we have 
been brought together by the struggle for clean water here at Oceti 
Sakowin and we are moving on as a group.

Our time together here has been a journey and a teaching experience for 
us all, it has honed our vision and our mission as a whole and we are 
looking seven generations forward. Focused on action to defend our 
Mother we are moving forward to ensure we are where we are needed and 
can be effective. Our people and our battles are all over Turtle Island, 
we have worked hard together to create a Warrior Society that is 
upholding not only Mother Earth but also each other. We are Mother 
Earths Army.

We cannot stay and fight a battle for land and water that is heavily 
invested in neo-colonialism. We are so grateful to the grassroots people 
who have supported us while we have been here. It is not easy to say 
goodbye, we are deeply tied to this struggle and are not abandoning our 
post. This fight is not over yet, the pipeline is still being built, 
Energy Transfer Partners will push this pipe through unless there is a 
diversity of tactics that include direct action and no court ruling or 
legal manoeuvring will prevent that from happening alone; and Standing 
Rock Sioux Tribe is heavily engaged in praying away a pipeline without 
action, this is in direct opposition to who we are as Warriors.

We are in a war to fight the greedy corporate whores who are pimping out 
our Mother for blood money and we say no more. Enough is enough, for 
over 500 years we have been brutalized and robbed, we are not victims 
looking for surcease we are Warriors fighting for our lives and the 
future. We cannot afford to allow our own corrupt leaders aid and abet 
this process, too many of our people are working for industry, too many 
of our people are selling out, we must remember the warrior blood that 
runs through our veins. We do a great disservice to ourselves and the 
People when we allow the values of white supremacist society to 
overshadow the knowledge of what it means to be a true human being.

Mother Earth is hurtin and she’s calling for backup.
Warriors rise up. FIGHT BACK!

In The Spirit Of Resistance,
Red Warrior Society

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