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Listed below, please find links to five (5) video clips (ranging from 
approx. 13 to 25 minutes) that I recorded on Saturday, *August 6, 2016* 
during The *Liberation Film Series -**“Robert F. Williams on COINTELPRO 
& Other Topics and Special Tribute to Minister John C. Williams” 
**Event, featuring Guest Speakers: **Dr. John H. Bracey, Jr. 
**(/Professor, /*/University of Massachusetts at Amherst/*),**Dr. 
Muhammad Ahmad **(/aka/**//*/Maxwell Curtis Stanford Jr./*/, Professor, 
Temple University/**),**Claude Marks **(/Project/ /Director, The Freedom 
Archives/), and **Dr. Akinyele K. Umoja*(/Professor, Georgia State 
University/)*at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American 
History, General Motors Theater, 315 East Warren, Detroit, MI.*



*1*/5 - (/Approx. 15 minutes/) - *Dr. John H. Bracey, Jr.*


*2*/5 - (/Approx. 21 minutes/) - *Dr. Muhammad Ahmad (aka Max C. 
Stanford, Jr.)*


*3*/5 - (/Approx. 14 minutes/) - *Claude Marks*


*4*/5 - (/Approx. 13 minutes/) - *Dr. Akinyele Umoja*


*5*/5 - (/Approx. 25 minutes/) - *Minister John C. Williams with Bracey, 
Umoja, and Ahmad*


*p.s. *Please donate to**The Friends of John Chalmers Williams - “Love 
Gives” Campaign - GoFundMe:


 The money will be used by John and Lisa as they see fit to cover 
medical expenses and daily needs as John has been diagnosed with ALS”./


*p.p.s. *Here is link to *Complete Video*(/Approx. 3 hours, 6 minutes/) 
- Liberation Film Series - *“Robert F. Williams on COINTELPRO”* Event - 
recorded by the *Charles H. Wright Museum*- August 6, 2016




Leona McElevene

Photojournalist aka “/The People’s Photographer”/

YouTube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/user/MacSpeaking

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