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March 21, 2013
Real Liars Go to Tehran

  Return of the Living Dead


Uncle Marx never thought about this one: history repeating itself as 
double tragedy after already being a farce in the first place. Let's 
examine the case in hand. First of all, take a close look at this Wall 
Street Journal op-ed from September 2002, in the hysterical run-up 
towards the invasion of Iraq.

Title: The Case for Toppling Saddam 
<http://www.potomac-airfield.com/netanyahu.htm>. Author: Benjamin "Bibi" 
Netanyahu -- then out of the Israeli government.

It's all here: a "dictator who is rapidly expanding his arsenal of 
biological and chemical weapons" and "who is feverishly trying toacquire 
nuclear weapons"; the Saddam equals Hitler parallel; the portrayal of 
(de facto nuclear power) Israel as helpless victims of Palestinian 
"terror"; the claim that Saddam could produce nuclear fuel "in 
centrifuges the size of washing machines that can be hidden throughout 
the country -- and Iraq is a very big country"; the cheerleading of a 
unilateral pre-emptive strike; and the inevitable conclusion that 
"nothing less than dismantling his regime will do".

Fast-forward over 10 years to this week in Israel. The scene: press 
conference of Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and visiting US 
President Barack Obama. Anyone watching it live on al-Jazeera, from the 
Middle East to East Asia, must have thought they were watching a 
geopolitical /Back to the Future /- and frankly, Michael J Fox at least 
oozed charm.

No charm here; this was more like an eerie, suit-and-tie /Return of the 
Living Dead/. Bibi and Obama were at pains to stress the US-Israel bond 
was "eternal". Actually Bibi preferred to stress that Iran's 
(non-existent) nuclear weapons posed an existential threat to Israel. He 
repeated, over and over again, that Obama was adamant; Israel was 
entitled to do anything to defend itself, and its security would not be 
anyone's responsibility, even Washington's.

Obama, for his part, once again stressed that Washington's official 
policy towards Iran was not containment -- but to prevent Iran from 
acquiring a nuclear weapon. He stressed the "window of opportunity" was 
getting narrower; and, of course, that all options were on the table.

The thought that the president of the United States (POTUS) willfully 
ignores the verdict of his own alphabet soup of intel agencies on Iran 
might raise eyebrows in a rational world. But this is not reality; more 
like a trashy reality show.

*Dream, dream, wet settler dream*

The powers that be in Israel -- neocon-infested US corporate media 
avalanche of denials notwithstanding -- were absolutely essential in the 
whole Iraq War cheerleading operation; Ariel Sharon, at the time, 
boasted that the strategic coordination between Israel and the US had 
reached "unprecedented dimensions".

Bibi was just a cog in the wheel then -- as Jim Lobe details here 
-- quoting Bibi's pearls of wisdom dispensed to a 
misinformed-to-oblivion US Congress in 2002.

Every usual "Israeli official" suspect at the time was breathlessly 
spinning that Saddam was only months away from a nuclear weapon. The 
bulk of WMD "intelligence" presented to Congress and faithfully parroted 
by corporate media was filtered if not entirely fabricated by Israeli 
intelligence -- something duly detailed, among others, by Shlomo Brom in 
his study An Intelligence Failure, published by the Jaffee Center for 
Strategic Studies of Tel Aviv University in November 2003.

Of course it didn't matter that UN inspectors found no nuclear weapon 
program evidence on site. Of course it didn't matter that Saddam 
son-in-law Hussein Kamel, who had defected to Jordan in 1995, had told 
UN inspectors in detail there had been no WMDs whatsoever since 1991.

Now it's double tragedy, and double farce, all over again. Yet even 
Nepalis building glitzy towers in Dubai know that the "Bomb Iran" 
hysteria is Tel Aviv's tactic to change the subject from the relentless 
land confiscation/ethnic cleansing in slow motion in Palestine and 
consequently the de facto total impossibility of a two-state solution.

Jonathan Cook succinctly details the frankly scary political 
configuration in Israel after the recent elections. The Israeli website 
Ynet has reported that Israeli settlers can't stop hailing their brand 
new "wet dream" cabinet. Translation: the ultimate nail in the coffin of 
the already dead and buried "peace process".

So here's a modern geopolitical parable that would puzzle Aesop. Bibi 
publicly insults POTUS. He unabashedly supports Mitt Romney (who?) in 
the US presidential elections. He hits the "peace process" with a 
barrage of Hellfire "facts on the ground" (with loads of Palestine 
"collateral damage"). He sticks to his one and only message; Bomb Bomb 
Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran. And then POTUS, in theory the mighty Double O Bama 
with a license to kill (list) but actually behaving like an accidental 
tourist, lands in Israel with his kill list between his legs, to bask in 
Bibi's glory.

No wonder the rabid American neo-con/Israeli firster/Bomb Iran crowd is 
gloating. Over 10 years ago their mantra was "Real Men go to Tehran". 
The question now is whether POTUS will be able to grow a set of proper 
cojones and stare them down.

/*Pepe Escobar* is the author of Globalistan: How the Globalized World 
is Dissolving into Liquid War 
(Nimble Books, 2007) and Red Zone Blues: a snapshot of Baghdad during 
the surge 
His new book, just out, is Obama does Globalistan 
(Nimble Books, 2009). //He may be reached at pepeasia at yahoo.com 
<mailto:pepeasia at yahoo.com>.

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