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November 24th, 2010

Call to "Assassinate Chavez" by Congressman Mack Confirms Plot


The exhortation to assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez 
uttered by Florida congressman Connie Mack in Washington's Capitol to 
participants in a fascist summit a few days ago confirms the 
existence of a plot with this purpose, hatched by the Venezuelan 
extreme right under the tutelage of US intelligence services and with 
the complicity of the Cuban-American mafia.

This is indicated to observers of CIA activities and of the rest of 
the tentacles of the US machinery of espionage, who recall how, on 
other occasions, members of the Cuban-American mafia took the 
initiative or were involved in assassination attempts on leaders.

In his murderous address, made right at Washington's Capitol while 
chairing, along with Otto Reich, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Roger 
Noriega, at the meeting called "Danger in the Andes", Mack 
specifically suggested making an attempt on the life of the 
Venezuelan head of state, according to revelations made by Bolivian 
President Evo Morales during the inauguration of the 9th 
International Conference of Defense Ministers of The Americas, held in Bolivia.

"I would say that this congressman (Mack) is now a confessed assassin 
or a confessed conspirator against fraternal Venezuelan President 
Hugo Chavez; if something happens to the life of Hugo Chavez, the 
only person responsible for it will be this US congressman," declared 
the head of state.


The words of Connie Mack, identified with the most recalcitrant 
ringleaders of this mafia give any kind of assassination project 
against the life of the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution the green 
light, states a specialist that insisted on remaining anonymous.

The neo-Nazi forum took place under the auspices of the US Congress 
and had as its star the Cuban-American congresswoman, already 
appointed by her party as the big boss for foreign policy issues in 
the House of Representatives, with Connie Mack as her right arm for 
Latin America.

 From the assassination of John F. Kennedy to the assassination 
attempt against Evo Morales in Santa Cruz in 2009, and the failed 
attempt of assassinating President Rafael Correa in 2010, the 
Cuban-American mafia, associated with the CIA, is part of the 
conspiracy's script.

Mack's harangue takes place parallel to several incitements and 
references to the assassination of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who has 
indeed been the victim of a large number of assassination attempts, 
all of them devised from Miami with the complicity of the CIA, those 
responsible for which -Luis Posada Carriles, Orlando Bosch, Guillermo 
Novo Sampoll, Pedro Remon, Gaspar Jimenez, Armando Valladares and 
many more- actively support today conspirators from the progressive 
Latin American countries attacked and defamed at the fascist summit 
in the empire's capital.

On Saturday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez denounced the existence 
of a plan against him, in which groups of the Venezuelan extreme 
right have already collected 100 million dollars to be paid to 
whoever manages to assassinate him.

According to a report by the Telesur international television 
network, Chavez pointed to the president of the Globovision 
television station, Guillermo Zuloaga, a fugitive from Venezuelan 
justice and sheltered in Miami by the State Department, as the head 
of the conspiracy. Coup perpetrator Zuloaga was one of the most 
visible "speakers" of the neofascist forum in Washington.

"The owner of that television channel (Globovision), who is a 
fugitive from justice, had the nerve to go to the US Congress to rant 
and rave at his country, his government and at this president," said 
the South American head of state. Then he called for Vice-president 
Elias Jaua and the Attorney General of the Republic, Luisa Ortega 
Diaz, to make inquiries "there's something to be done, he's a 
criminal, he turns up at the Congress and he's conspiring."

According to the AVN news agency, Zuloaga sent a letter published on 
Tuesday on one of the most expensive pages of the right-wing 
newspaper El Nacional "to face him" from Miami and threaten President 
Hugo Chavez to take him to an international tribunal.

German journalist and researcher Ingo Niebel, an expert on the issue, 
places the recent statements in the political, military and historic 
context. "In Ecuador, they tried to assassinate President Rafael 
Correa when the coup d' etat failed. The want to use the same method 
in the rest of the countries that are members of the Bolivarian 
Alliance for The Americas (ALBA), where political reality prevents 
them from carrying out a violent Honduras-like 'change of regime,' as 
they call it," he adds.

He also recalls that several Venezuelan politicians, by way of the 
media, have been paving the way, for a few years now, to justify an 
assassination attempt against the commander of the Bolivarian 
Revolution. On July 25, 2004, in the middle of debates on the 
referendum for revoke, the former president Carlos Andres Perez, in 
an interview published by El Nacional, a Caracas newspaper, didn't 
hesitate to confess: "I'm working on removing Chavez from power. 
Violence will make it possible to do so. Chavez should die like a dog."

Another opponent, Orlando Urdaneta, on October 25, 2004, on Miami's 
channel 22, gave the direct order to his people to move on to action: 
"The only way out for Venezuela is to eliminate Chavez: one person 
with a rifle with telescopic sight and that's all."


Another revealing element known after the closing of the event: 
former Undersecretary of State Roger Noriega took the liberty to 
announce, as if on behalf of the State Department, that Bolivia's 
request for the extradition of former president Gonzalo Sanchez de 
Quesada and his accomplices, responsible for the assassination of 67 
people during a massacre that took place in 2003 will continue to be refused.

According to a report by journalist Juan Carlos Zambrana Marchetti, 
who lives in Washington and could sneak into one of the "workshops" 
of the "seminar," entitled "Second Special Group: Terrorism, the 
radical Islam, and Drug Trafficking," another Bolivian journalist, 
Winston Fernandez, asked "if former president Gonzalo Sanchez de 
Lozada would be deported as an act of rapprochement with President 
Morales, considering that the two governments were about to 
reestablish diplomatic relations."

(Note: The article by Zambrana, an extremely revealing one, was 
published on the last edition of the Bolivian magazine Cambio).

The answer was given by Noriega, asserting that there was "no 
interest whatsoever in reestablishing relations with a government 
that supports terrorism; and that, on the other hand, Engineer 
(Gonzalo) Sanchez de Lozada is a friend, a decent man, who wouldn't 
have any possibility of a fair trial in a country where ( President) 
Morales controls all powers."

As never before, since George W. Bush left the White House, the 
Republicans are winning, taking advantage of the economic, social and 
political crisis of the greatest military power in the world, 
discontent and popular frustration, accentuated by the effects of the 
continuous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Benefiting from a majority in the Lower House, the party that brings 
together the supporters of the most retrograde Right enjoys its 
hidden connections with wide sectors of the so-called intelligence 
community to thoroughly pressure the current Democrat administration.

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