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fest set for Wednesday in Washington

Advisory: Terrorists and coup-plotters from all 
over Latin America to meet at U.S. Capitol 
building in Washington - 

By Jean-Guy Allard

Translation: Machetera

Almost all those scheduled to attend a meeting 
that will take place this Wednesday, November 
17th, in a hearing room at the U.S. Capitol 
Building in Washington D.C., have been linked 
with terrorism and in many cases coups d’etat and 
assassination attempts in Latin America.

Apparently this news was not meant to be revealed 
and was accidentally leaked to the Argentinean 
news agency Télam last Friday.  The details were 
later confirmed by some Bolivian participants as well as other sources.

The list of the main participants whose names 
were leaked comprise a real who’s who of those 
who want to manipulate the destiny of Latin 
America according to the ideas that fit their neo-fascist profile.

Here they are:

1.     The Cuban-American congresswoman Ileana 
Ros-Lehtinen, whom House Republicans have chosen 
to lead the House Foreign Affairs 
Committee.  Everyone knows how this Miami 
daughter of an old apologist for the dictator 
Fulgencio Batista was elected years ago after a 
noisy campaign to free the Cuban terrorist 
Orlando Bosch, and how she has shown her 
solidarity with other murderers of the same 
stripe; Luis Posada Carriles and Eduardo 
Arocena.  Ros-Lehtinen has gone so far as to call 
publicly for the assassination of the Cuban 
leader Fidel Castro, and to turn Cuba into “another Iraq.”

2.     Connie Mack, another Miami scorpion, who 
for his part controls all Latin American policy 
for the Republicans.  Among other misdeeds, Mack 
also was a furious defender of Bosch, at the side 
of Ros-Lehtinen and George Bush’s son, Jeb Bush, 
now being proposed by his father to succeed Barack Obama.

3.     Otto Reich, the former U.S. Ambassador in 
Caracas, where he managed to get Bosch out of 
prison in order to later “insert” him into the 
United States despite his long terrorist 
history.  In addition to having been sent as a 
Special Envoy for Latin America by the 
ex-President George W. Bush, Reich is notorious 
for his behind the curtain manipulations of not 
only the 2002 coup d’etat in Venezuela but the 
2009 coup in Honduras, doing more than anyone 
else to legitimize it.  Recall that this same 
Reich managed the misleading office of “public 
diplomacy” during Ronald Reagan’s regime, 
fighting the Sandinistas with a battery of lies.

4.     Roger Noriega, the Assistant U.S. 
Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs 
during the W. Bush regime, and an eminent member 
of the Cuban American mafia.  Noriega is so tied 
to the ultra-rightwing Bushes that he was also 
the U.S. representative before the Organization 
of American States.  Not only a friend of 
Reich’s, but also of Elliot Abrams, John 
Negroponte and Roger Pardo-Maurer, he was part of 
the “team” that managed Oliver North during the 
badly named “Iran-Contra” operation.  This 
“super-agent” for the CIA has even been suspected 
in the murder of the Maryknoll missionaries 
William Woods, Yado Ite Ford, Maura Clarke, and 
Dorothy Kazel, in El Salvador, along with Cuban 
Americans located in Miami and the then CIA 
ambassador for Venezuela in El Salvador, Leopoldo Castillo.

5.     Surprise! Amongst such eminent specimens 
of Washington’s ultra-rightwing fauna, Alejandro 
Aguirre, no less, will appear!  The departing 
president of the Inter-American Press Association 
(IAPA) and son of an admitted CIA agent, Aguirre 
heads the Diario Las Américas in Miami, and 
preaches “freedom of the press” while leading 
this cartel of communications moguls who 
jealously guard the informationa monopoly they 
impose on the entire continent.  He was one of 
those who, along with Ros-Lehtinen, approved most 
highly of the Roberto Micheletti coup in Honduras 
and who repeated more than anyone else that there 
was NO attempted coup d’etat in Ecuador.

6.     Then we have the Venezuelan camp, headed 
by Guillermo Zuloaga, the president of the 
Venezuelan television network, Globovision, 
putschist extraordinaire, involved in every kind 
of conspiracy, a fugitive from Venezuelan justice 
for a long list of crimes and a guest of the 
Obama administration in Miami, sanctuary of 
terrorists, corrupt politicians, murderers and 
torturers from all over Latin America.  No doubt 
he will be accompanied by several examples of 
this squalid kind of refugee now making their homes in Florida.

7.     José Cardenas, the former assistant 
administrator for USAID (fronting for the CIA) in 
Latin America, where he succeeded the Cuban 
American swindler Adolfo Franco, who forcefully 
diverted hundreds of thousands of dollars to an 
entire group of parasites in the “Anti-Castro” industry.

8.     From Bolivia, the president of the 
opposition Civic Committee of Santa Cruz, Luis 
Núñez, and from the Human Rights Foundation 
(HRF), Javier El-Hage, both part of a conspiracy 
to assassinate the Bolivian president, Evo 
Morales, in April, 2009, through a terrorist 
commando operation led by the mercenary 
Bolivian-Hungarian Eduardo Rózsa Flores.  The HRF 
was directed from New York by the Cuban American 
terrorist Armando Valladares, the same who later 
showed up in Tegucigalpa and who will surely be 
on hand this week at the Capitol.

A Long Guest List That Leads All the Way to Peña Esclusa

According to the Télam notice, the ex-U.S. 
Ambassador to Costa Rica, Jaime Daremblum will 
also be on hand, now from the Hudson Institute; 
Joseph Humire, of the Atlas Economic Research 
Foundation; Jon Perdue, from the Fund for 
American Studies; and John Walters, the former 
director of the White House Office of Drug Control Policy.

All are identified in Washington as part of the 
most recalcitrant extreme rightwing.  Perdue, the 
pseudo-intellectual was a defense witness for the 
Argentine lieutenant Roberto Guillermo “El Ñato” 
Bravo, the author of the Trelew Massacre, who was 
freed from an Argentinean extradition request thanks to a judge in Miami.

Upon analyzing the brief published notice, 
observers note that in light of the web of names 
already on the list, many other names ought to be 
there as well; logically these would even include 
people linked to Alejandro Peña Esclusa, the head 
of the fascist brotherhood UnoAmérica, currently 
under arrest in Caracas for possession of 900 
grams of military-grade C-4 explosive.

Still unknown are which participants will come 
from Ecuador, from mutilated Honduras, from 
Nicaragua.  And from Costa Rica, where what may 
turn out to be the first act in another plot is 
already underway.  Topping off the aberrant 
proceedings, the meeting will be held under the 
title “Anger in the Andes: Threats to Democracy, 
Human Rights and Inter-American Security.”

Meetings of those who partake in the use of 
violence against the progressive leaders and 
countries on the continent have taken place on 
various occasions in Miami, but this appears to 
be the first time that such a large number of 
individuals linked with the use of terror will 
come together on U.S. territory.  Even more 
incredibly, within Washington itself, news of the 
meeting was held in the highest secrecy despite 
the fact that it will take place in the very 
meeting rooms of the House of Representatives for 
a country that every year, publishes an official 
list of “State Sponsors of Terrorism” as a means 
to sanction whoever opposes its attempts to dominate the world.

Jean-Guy Allard (1948, Shawinigan, Quebec) is a 
French Canadian journalist who as editor and 
reporter worked for Le Journal de Montréal and Le 
Journal de Québec from 1971 to 2000. He retired 
to Cuba, and now who writes for Granma. He has 
written several books, including one on Robert 
Ménard and Reporters without Borders, and one on 
Luis Posada Carriles. He lives in Havana and is 
an expert on the Miami Mafia. Machetera is a 
member of <http://www.tlaxcala.es/>Tlaxcala, the 
network of translators for linguistic diversity. 
This translation may be reprinted as long as the 
content remains unaltered, and the source, author, and translator are cited.

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