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“The future belongs to those that prepare for it today.” –Malcolm X

Dear Friends,

With your help over the past year, the Freedom 
Archives’ youth program has grown substantially. 
We have trained over 25 young people in archival 
and production work, and have continued to 
partner with other local organizations and 
schools to expand our impact. We are co-teaching 
an after-school program with Galeria de la Raza 
that explores the history of youth-led movements 
in the Bay Area and guides youth through creating 
multi-media projects inspired by and re-imagining this history.

Our work in classrooms is reaching a greater 
number of students and includes a five-part 
series on progressive Bay Area history in a 
social studies class at June Jordan High School 
for Equity. In this series we utilize the unique 
and rich media in the Archives to create a 
dynamic approach to teaching this important 
movement history. We continue to strengthen our 
community programs at San Francisco City College, 
San Francisco State, and other community institutions.

With the release of our Paul Robeson CD “Words 
Like Freedom” earlier this year, we were touched 
to discover how many were inspired by the 
timeliness and continued relevance of Robeson’s 
anti-imperialist and internationalist message. 
It’s also amazing to realize that it was only 
through your support in the past year that we 
were able to complete that important project 
which has been so greatly received.

And With Your Continued Support, We Just Keep On Rolling Along

In the last 18 months Freedom Archives has taken 
on one of our most ambitious projects-a 
documentary film on the history of the FBI COINTELPRO program.

We are confident that this project, like many 
Freedom Archives’ efforts, addresses contemporary 
issues and stories that are at the core of why 
the Freedom Archives exists and why you have 
supported our work for the last nine years. We 
know that you realize that it is more important 
than ever before to not only maintain but build 
community projects that address our youth, our 
families, our political prisoners, our communities, and our future.

Now we need YOUR HELP to raise $10,000 to complete COINTELPRO 101.

We previewed a 10-minute segment of the film at 
the recent Critical Resistance 10 conference in 
Oakland where our COINTELPRO panel featured human 
rights attorney Soffiyah Elijah, former 
Congressperson Cynthia McKinney, Elliot 
Monteverde, an attorney and NY Puerto Rico Grand 
Jury resister, and Lucy Rodriguez, a Puerto Rican 
Independentista and former political prisoner.

The response to the film and the panel was 
overwhelming. Our plan for distribution of 
COINTELPRO 101 is scheduled for next year and our 
hope is that it sparks renewed interest in 
re-opening an investigation into government 
repression that includes accountability for 
agents and agencies who have violated people’s 
civil rights – including the ongoing imprisonment 
of those targeted by COINTELPRO and other programs of political repression.

We need you to continue to be a part of this 
significant work by inviting you to join our new 
monthly sustainer program at the rate of $25 a 
month or more.  Monthly sustainership allows you 
to give an amount that’s meaningful to you but 
fits your monthly budget while also allowing us 
to plan more accurately and continue our work 
knowing we can count on your regular donation.
    * A $25 monthly donation would strengthen our 
operating budget insuring that we can continue to 
produce important documentary projects.
    * A $35 monthly donation would allow us to 
invest in much needed equipment for our youth programs.
    * A $50 monthly donation would help us 
complete COINTELPRO 101 and create an effective distribution plan.

Join other community members, friends, and family 
in giving monthly by visiting our website: 
and following the link on any page to make a 
contribution.  You can also make a one time 
online contribution or simply send your check in 
the return envelope to the Freedom Archives. You 
can maximize your contribution this way by 
helping us avoid credit card transaction fees.

Please also visit our web site to see some of the 
exciting projects that our joint efforts have 
produced. We are especially proud of the 
internationally recognized video “Legacy of 
Torture” that continues to mobilize and educate 
people about the ongoing case of the San 
Francisco 8. More information can also be found 
at <http://www.freethesf8.org/>www.freethesf8.org.

We thank you deeply in advance; for nine years 
the support of hundreds of people like you has 
sustained us as a radical independent 
organization, keeping us from being reliant on 
foundations. We hope you will continue to support 
The Freedom Archives knowing that our work is 
especially important now in these difficult but hopeful times.


Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

415 863-9977

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