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Mon Feb 6 11:15:56 EST 2006

Action Alert
For Tuesday, February 7th, Noon to 1:00pm
Corner of Broadway & 11th Street in Oakland

Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and Bay to Gulf Solidarity will gather 
at the FEMA office in downtown Oakland at 1111 Broadway this Tuesday, 
February 7th to "evict FEMA" for failure to provide long term housing 
for Katrina survivors and for obstructing their right to return to 
their homes in the Gulf.

On February 7th, FEMA plans to cut off the funding that many of the 
3300 Katrina evacuees in the Bay Area rely on to pay for temporary housing.

FEMA must immediately stop evictions of Katrina survivors everywhere.

Tuesday's action is part of a nationwide campaign to support Katrina 
evacuees' right to return to their homes in the Gulf and their right 
to long-term housing. People in New York, Houston and Oakland will 
demonstrate on February 7.

Please join us to serve the "eviction notice" on FEMA this Tuesday. 
We will be deputizing "sheriffs" to serve the eviction notice on 
FEMA. Bring your signs and stars.

For more info:
Natasha at 415 424-0977 or
Kali at 510 593-3956 or
Nicole at 415 374-5429 or
b<http://us.f815.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=aytogulf@yahoo.co>aytogulf at yahoo.com

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