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Wed Aug 2 13:16:23 EDT 2006

Thursday, August 10, 2006 - 7:00PM
at Centro del Pueblo Auditorium
474 Valencia, San Francisco (Mission District)


As part of the West Coast launch of his new book, Katrina's Legacy , 
Eric will be discussing the centrality of the Black Liberation 
Movement for the entire U.S. Left and programmatic proposals for a 
new reconstruction in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

Eric Mann, Damon Azali, Patrisse Cullors, Mark-Anthony Johnson, and 
Francisca Porchas will be going to New Orleans as a Strategy Center 
team in August for the 1st anniversary of Katrina.

August 10 program:

Phil Hutchings of the Bay Area Katrina Solidarity Group

Readings from Katrina's Legacy
Vanessa Moses of Just Cause Oakland,
Zachary Norris of The Ella Baker Center

Eric Mann: The Role of Katrina's Legacy as a Tactic in the Movement 
Building Process

Book Signing by the Author

Kali Akuno of The People's Hurricane Relief Fund & Oversight 
Coalition and The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement: Concrete Solidarity 
with New Orleans on the 1st Anniversary of Katrina

Q & A from Audience

Please forward this email to your friends in the Bay Area. Thanks!

Praise for Legacy | Event Information | How to Order | Eric's Biography

Praise for Katrina's Legacy :

"Buy this book and study it well. Eric Mann was my first teacher in 
the black freedom movement; he taught me door-to-door canvassing and 
basic organizing. And then he introduced me to SNCC. Eric is still 
teaching and organizing a new generation, and setting the pace as we 
build up our strength for the Battle of New Orleans."

Komozi Woodard, author of A Nation within a Nation: Amiri Baraka and 
Black Power Politics.

"Katrina's Legacy stands with Black Nations 9/11 as the clearest 
strategic statement within the movement, a must read for anyone 
working in solidarity with the reconstruction movement in New Orleans 
and the Gulf Coast."

Kali Akuno, People's Hurricane Relief Fund & Oversight Coalition

"Mann's writing is a door. Our movement, and indeed, the very life of 
Black New Orleans, depends on our ability to fully comprehend and 
embrace the counter-hegemonic and long-term movement building demands 
that Mann describes."

Xochitl Bervera, Families and Friends of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children

"From the first days after Katrina struck New Orleans, Eric Mann has 
been a crucial ally to organizers on the ground. Katrina's Legacy is 
vital for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of what happened 
in New Orleans, and what we can do about it."

Jordan Flaherty, New Orleans Organizer; Editor, Left Turn Magazine

"Places the Gulf catastrophe in the historical context of racist 
capitalist rule in the U.S. at a critical time when the 'cracks in 
the ruling class levees' are visible for all to see. Mann provides 
political leadership and the outlines of a plan for action, and calls 
us to our battle stations."

Glen Ford, Executive Editor and Co-Publisher, The Black Commentator

"An inspiring call to action rooted in a powerful tradition of Black 
resistance in the South. It provides a comprehensive framework, a 
clear vision and strategy for this moment in history to build the 
movement among communities of color and low-wage workers."

Ai-jen Poo, CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities

"Excellent. Mann has a distinct talent for drawing political lessons 
from historical events. Every movement needs a map. Katrina's Legacy 
takes us to the ravaged Gulf Coast and shows us how to find the road 
toward a Third Reconstruction. America needs this movement, and Eric 
helps us find our way."
Vijay Prashad, author of Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting : Afro-Asian 
Connections and the Myth of Cultural Purity

Event Information

Thursday, August 10th
7:00 PM

Centro del Pueblo Auditorium
474 Valencia (Between 15th & 16th Streets in the Mission District)
San Francisco, 94103
-BART: 16th Street Mission Station (2 blocks from station)
-MUNI Lines: 14, 22, 26, 33, 49

Suggested donation: $5 - no one turned away
All admissions are applicable to the purchase price of the book at the event.

Please RSVP to Kelly Archbold- 
<mailto:kelly at thestrategycenter.org>kelly at thestrategycenter.org or 
(213) 387-2800 x10.

How to Order

Copies of Katrina's Legacy are $15. Bulk prices are available, 
additional discounts available for New Orleans and Gulf Coast groups.

Please visit <http://www.frontlinespress.com>www.frontlinespress.com 
or call (213) 387-2800.

Eric Mann
Eric Mann is a veteran of the Congress of Racial Equality, Newark 
Community Union Project, Students for a Democratic Society, and the 
United Auto Workers. He is the author of Comrade George, Taking on 
General Motors, LA's Lethal Air, Dispatches from Durban, and The 2004 
Elections: A Turning Point for the U.S. Left. He is presently the 
director of the Labor/Community Strategy Center in Los Angeles and is 
a member of the Planning Committee of the Bus Riders Union.

(213) 387 - 2800

The Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 863-9977
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