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Stand in Solidarity with the people of Palestine

Protest Racism!

Local Zionists are celebrating "Israeli Independence Day" in San Francisco 
at Yerba Buena Gardens. But Israel's independence has meant the destruction 
of the Palestinian people and their society. Over 800,000 Palestinians were 
forcibly dispossessed to create "the Jewish state" in 1948, and they and 
their descendants (who number more than 5 million people today) remain in 
exile in refugee camps, despite countless UN Resolutions demanding their 

We say NO to celebrating ethnic cleansing
We say NO to celebrating occupation
We say NO to celebrating Israel apartheid

We say YES to a Free Palestine
We say YES to Self-determination
We say YES to the Right of Return of Palestinian refugees
We say YES to boycotting Israeli goods
We say YES to stopping all aid to Israel

This is not a day to celebrate but a day to protest and raise our voices 
with our allies in struggle for a Free Palestine.
Meet in front of Office Depot on 3rd Street, between Market and Mission
for more information: 
<http://us.f610.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=info@justiceinpalestine.net>info at justiceinpalestine.net

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