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Wed Nov 3 12:12:04 EST 2004

Oscar Heck: I was wrong 
 I thought that Kerry would win the elections


VHeadline.com commentarist Oscar Heck writes: A few days ago, a friend of 
mine said politely, “I think Bush will win again because americans aren’t 
aware enough of the negative impact which the Bush administration is 
creating around the world on behalf of average americans.”

I guess that my friend is right ... most americans probably have no idea 
... and I am sure that their government is not going to tell them the 
truth. Their government will continue to spread untruths, propaganda and 
lies. It is too bad.

How will this affect Venezuela?

It is a distressing question. Will the USA continue to finance anti-Chavez 
criminals in Venezuela?

Will they continue to lambast Chavez and his democratically-elected 
government ... calling Chavez a dictator and a communist?

Will they continue harbor Venezuelan criminals .. protecting them from 
perfectly justifiable prosecution in Venezuela?

Will they continue to “mess around” with Latin America ... like Plan 
Colombia and the US-led “war” on drugs?

They seem to really love war ... war on drugs, war on terrorism, war on 
Iraq, war on anything that is politically convenient and financially 
profitable ... oh ... and assassinating thousands upon thousands of 
innocent women and children in the process doesn’t count if the victims are 
not americans!

Will they continue to talk against the Chavez government even though Chavez 
has 59% voter support and 87% State-Governance support (20 of 23 seats)?

Well, what to say?  The USA should learn from Venezuelan democracy...

Previous to Chavez, Venezuela was in as similar predicament as most 
americans find themselves in today. Venezuelan was basically run by a 
two-party system, the Adecos and Copeyanos ... 4 years one, four years the 
other ... all leaders made from the same mold and born into the same caste 
... the corrupt and almost “untouchable” wealthy (mostly white) caste.

Whatever democracy they preached was really a pseudo-democracy where the 
mayors, governors, justices, institution presidents and military leaders 
were appointed by the president (and his gang) and where the president 
ruled the country mostly by presidential decrees, bribes and favors ... the 
“old boy’s club.”

Today, since Chavez, Venezuela has an elected representative National 
Assembly and a referendum system which allows the average citizen to 
question the honesty and effectiveness of elected officials half way 
through their elected term of office.

The two “old boy’s club” political parties are almost defunct ... and are 
hanging off the fringes of the political system. New political parties, 
more progressive and more diverse have sprouted and have entered the picture.

Participative democracy is very alive and well in Venezuela ... unlike in 
the USA where americans have little choice but to elect either a Republican 
or a Democrat (both the same gang, dressed differently, as it was in 
Venezuela in the past).
    * I don’t think that Bush is able to learn anything from Venezuela’s 
democracy though.

He hasn’t learned a thing about Venezuela in the last 4 years. However, the 
american people can learn from Venezuela. Why should americans be stuck 
with two traditional reigning political parties?

We are living in a new world now, a world which is experiencing great 
changes ... where the “traditional powers” no longer serve the citizenry 
adequately and where the honesty and goodwill of the “traditional powers 
and institutions” is being seriously questioned by people all over the globe.

The people of the USA should take a closer look at Venezuela for guidance 
... for a refreshing look at what true democracy is all about.

Maybe they can learn something ... especially since Bush can’t.

Oscar Heck
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