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AHP News - February 16, 2004 - English translation (Unofficial)

Armed partisans of the opposition led by a criminal on the run stormed the 
Hinche police station and murdered the prosecutor, Jonas Maxime, and his deputy

Hinche, February 16, 2004-(AHP)- Heavily armed opposition partisans led by 
a criminal on the run, Louis Jodel Chamblain, stormed the main police 
station of Hinche Monday and murdered the prosecutor, Jonas Maxime and his 

They then proceeded to release the detainees.

The opposition coalition has had the benefit since Saturday of the support 
of the former leader of the paramilitary group as well as a former member 
of the Haitian army, both of whom have been accused of grave violations of 
human rights.

Following  the attack, the opposition partisans took over the police 
station and looted it, crying "vive Gonaïves".

For its part, the people of Hinche, held at bay, is asking for the 
authorities to intervene to restore order in the city.

AHP February 16, 20041:15 PM

Opposition collaboration with the criminals on the run:  CARLI wonders if 
the presence of these men is an announcement of the return in full force of 
the criminals from the military coup d'Etat

Port-au-Prince, February 16, 2004-(AHP)- The Committee of Lawyers for the 
Respect of Individual Liberties (CARLI), expressed deep concern Monday in 
light of reports that thugs who have been implicated in numerous human 
rights violations were in Gonaïves.

Members of the opposition in Gonaïves claimed Saturday that they enjoy 
active support from former members of the Haitian military and other 
individuals accused of having committed crimes against the Haitian people.

One of these is the former co-leader of the FRAPH paramilitary group, Louis 
Jodel Chamblain, whose organization caused the death of several thousand 
people during the period of the military coup d'Etat that began in 1991. 
Another is a former regional director of the Haitian police, Guy Philippe, 
who has been accused of involvement in numerous human rights violations.

"Does the presence of these men in the country announce the return in full 
force of the criminals who led the military coup, including Raoul Cédras, 
Philippe Biamby, Michel François and Emmanuel Constant", CARLI asked in a 
press release copied to AHP.

According to the human rights organization, a State based on the rule of 
law cannot be built upon a foundation of forgetting and impunity.

All violators of human rights should be prosecuted and tried according to 
the penal code and international treaties and instruments relating to human 
rights such as the Convention on the Non-Applicability of Statutory 
Limitations to War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, CARLI stated.

CARLI went on to point out that, in all cases, violence fails to ever lead 
to a definitive solution and only a peaceful, well-coordinated struggle can 
help us to build a democratic society and the rule of law.

AH February 16, 200412:10 PM


Collaboration by Chamblain and Philippe with the opposition: the Prime 
Minister accuses the opposition of maintaining privileged relations with 
drug and arms traffickers

Port-au-Prince, February 16, 2004-(AHP)- Prime Minister Yvon Neptune 
indicated Monday that by allying themselves with individuals such as Guy 
Philippe and Louis Jodel Chamblain, the Haitian opposition proved clearly 
that it is maintaining privileged relations with traffickers of illegal 
drugs and arms.

  "It is important that the international community and the Haitian people 
take careful note of this", he said.

Members of the opposition in Gonaïves affirmed Saturday that they enjoy 
active support from former members of the military and other individuals 
accused of involvement in numerous crimes against the Haitian people, such 
as Louis Jodel Chamblain and Guy Philippe.

The head of the government said that these two criminals should be in 
prison and deplored that the minority that is seeking the return of the 
former Haitian army would resort to their services.

Mr. Neptune pointed an accusing finger at elements of the international 
community who are facilitating the work of drug traffickers and murderers 
in their efforts aiming, he said, to destabilize the country.

According to various sectors of the population, the opposition decided to 
resort to violence after having realized that the majority of the 
population was supporting the governing party and that the turnout in 
opposition demonstrations was significantly lower than that for Lavalas 

" The opposition believes that only the dialectic of the gun can give it a 
chance to seize power", a group of them deplored.

AHP February 16, 2004 12:35 PM

New condemnations of violence that have been committed by the 184 Platform 
and members of FRAPH

Port-au-Prince, February 16, 2004-(AHP)- Several sectors in the country 
denounced this Monday the acts of violence perpetrated in Gonaïves by 
opposition partisans and members of the former paramilitary group, FRAPH.

During a meeting with the media, the director of APEL-Démocratique 
(Democratic Call), André Fardeau, asked all Haitians to assume their 
responsibilities in order to apply the brakes to the acts of violence 
continuing in the country, especially in Gonaïves.

André Fardeau denounced the alliance that he said has been established by 
the opposition with FRAPH, and asked the population to remain mobilized to 
counteract the activities of the thugs.

The APEL-Démocratique leader also asked the international community to act 
against the terrorists bringing so much grief to the country under the 
anti-terrorist campaign being carried out on a global scale.

Mr. Fardeau also asked the government to shoulder its responsibilities on 
this issue.

For its part, the Coordinator of the September 30 Foundation, Lovinsky 
Pierre Antoine, denounced any attempt to block the process of establishing 
democracy in Haiti, which the alliance by the opposition with the FRAPH 
ex-paramilitary group threatens to do.

Underscoring the point that FRAPH is a member of the Group of 184, Lovinsky 
Pierre Antoine recalled how FRAPH had caused the death of several hundred 
people during the period of the military coup from 1991 to 1994.

Mr. Pierre Antoine asked the Haitian Foreign Affairs Minister, Joseph 
Philippe Antonio, to summon the Dominican Republic's Ambassador to Haiti, 
to provide an explanation for the destabilizing activities being carried 
out, he said, from areas along the border between the two countries.

He also asked the Haitian authorities to adopt measures necessary for the 
protection of the population from terrorist attacks perpetrated by the 

Political activist  Marc Foreste Casséus, who was also present at this 
meeting, said that the acts of violence committed in Gonaïves by opposition 
partisans and members of FRAPH clearly demonstrate the true objectives of 
the Group of 184.

According to Marc Foreste Casséus, these acts of violence mark the 
beginning of the implementation of one of the chapters in the document 
containing the new social contract advocated by the Group of 184.

Marc Foreste Casséus asked the population to be vigilant.

AHP February 16, 2004 2:35 PM


The American attorney Ira Kurzban calls on the U.S. government to 
investigate the actions being carried out in Haiti by industrialist André 
Apaid junior

Port-au-Prince, February 16, 2004-(AHP)- The widely respected American 
lawyer, Ira Kurzban, called upon the U.S. government Monday to investigate 
the activities carried out in Haiti by the industrialist Andy Apaid, 
Junior, who is  said to be a U.S. citizen.

According to Ira Kurzban, U.S. law forbids any American citizen from 
interfering in the internal politics of a foreign country.

In Haïti, Mr. Apaid directs the coalition of the political opposition, 
which includes members who are sowing terror in  Gonaïves and in 
communities in the North of Haiti.

"It is against American law for an American citizen , such as André Apaid, 
to play an active role in the politics of another country", declared Mr. 

He intends to ask the U.S. Congress to investigate the true nationality of 
André Apaid whose actions, Mr. Kurzban said, are being supported by sectors 
within the U.S. government.

Ira Kurzban viewed as a positive step the statements by the international 
community expressing disapproval of any violent action intending to bring 
about the departure of the elected government.

However he said he hopes that those who are supporting the violence in 
Haiti will take note of the determination of the international community to 
see the post-electoral conflict resolved in a peaceful manner.

The U.S. general counsel for the Haitian government said he was surprised 
that certain leaders of the opposition such as André Apaid Junior and Evans 
Paul are seeking to legitimize the terror that their partisans in Gonaïves 
and in other parts of the country are waging.

AHP February 16, 20041:15 PM

  The Secretary General of the AJH condemns the violence committed by 
supporters of the opposition against journalists from Radio Solidarité and 

Port-au-Prince, February 16, 2004-(AHP)- The Secretary General of the 
Association of Haitian Journalists (AJH), Guyler C. Delva, condemned on 
Monday the physical abuse inflicted by opposition supporters on Radio 
Solidarité journalist Assad Volcy and on Télé-Eclair camera man, Alphonse 

Supporters of the opposition who were taking part in a demonstration 
violently struck the Radio Solidarité journalist with rocks and with their 
fists. They had accused him of not working along lines favorable to the 
efforts of the opposition to oust the government.

The members of the opposition also went after Telé-Eclair journalist 
Alphonse Dieuliphène whom they beat up before taking and smashing his camera.

They criticized him for having filmed a scene of violence committed by 
demonstrators against a group of individuals, including a three-year-old 

Guy Delva described the incident as "intolerable" and noted that this is 
not the first time that opposition supporters have attacked journalists 
from Radio Solidarité.

He also commented that the brutal acts committed against Assad Volcy should 
be seen as the implementation of the threats made previously by the 
opposition against the crew from the Radio Solidarité newsroom.

Guy Delva asked the supporters of the opposition to come to their senses 
and stop their attacks against the press.

For its part, COPAH, the Conference of Haitian Pastors, expressed  grave 
concern at the deterioration of the social and political situation in the 
country. .

COPAH Executive Secretary Ernst Pierre Vincent said he was particularly 
disturbed by the fact that certain sectors are attempting at all costs to 
resolve the crisis through violence.

"The violence will lead nowhere and we urge all sectors to engage in 
negotiations with a view to finding a way out of the impasse", declared 
Ernst Pierre Vincent.

AHP February 16, 2004 1:45 PM

Two leaders of the opposition contradict one another over the connections 
between the opposition political Platform and the thugs operating in Gonaïves

Port-au-Prince, February 16, 2004-(AHP)- A leader of the opposition 
political Platform, Charles Henry Backer, declared Monday that he did not 
support the violence committed in Gonaïves, however he did not go so far as 
to condemn it.

Mr. Backer said he is unaware of what is going on in Gonaïves, however he 
described the violence perpetrated in the city of Independence by partisans 
of the opposition as legitimate self-defence.

"The men who are operating in Gonaïves are not in the pay of the Platform", 
said the number 2 official in the political coalition. He added that the 
men of Jean Tatoune can say whatever they want.

One of the spokespersons of the opposition in Gonaïves, Winter Etienne, had 
said last week that he was in continuous contact with the leaders of the 
Platform in Port-au-Prince and that he was going to ask them to name in the 
immediate future a president and a prime minister.

Contrary to the denial of Charles Henry Baker regarding the links that 
exist between the Platform and its partisans in  Gonaïves, another leader 
of the opposition, René Julien, declared that he is ready to take the lead 
of any movement that intends to oust the government.

René Julien declared that the opposition is acting in legitimate 
self-defence in Gonaïves.

AHP February 16, 2004 2:05 PM

**The head of the office of the Director General of the National Police, 
Michaël Lysius, said Monday that the police force will take all necessary 
steps to put an end to the situation of terror prevailing in Gonaïves.

Michaël Lysius indicated that the police have kept a certain distance with 
regard to the situation that is developing in  Gonaïves to avoid, he said, 
casualties among the civilian population.

The police are studying other strategies to address the actions of the 
thugs in the City of Independence, said Michaël Lysius.

AHP February 16, 2004 12:50 PM

Distribution of fuel in Cap-Haïtien and acts of violence by the opposition 
in Saint-Raphaël and Dondon

Cap-Haïtien, February 16, 2004-(AHP)- Former Grande Rivière du Nord Deputy 
Nahoum Marcélus announced Monday the distribution of petroleum products in 
Cap-Haïtien after a week of shortages.

Nahoum Marcellus also said that steps have been taken to re-supply the 
region of the North with food products on a regular ongoing basis.

He said in addition that more than sixty homes of individuals close to the 
government were set on fire last week in St-Raphaël and in Dondon by 
opposition supporters.

Nahoum Marcellus described numerous rumors suggesting that the armed 
partisans of the opposition who are operating in Gonaïves are preparing to 
attack Cap-Haïtien.

Lavalas activists are mobilized to thwart any attempt to invade the city, 
he warned, adding that what happened in  Gonaïves will not take place 
in  Cap-Haïtien.

AHP February 16, 20042:55 PM


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