Poems are read by the author, except that a number of Marilyn Buck’s poems are read by other contributors. These poems are indicated with an asterisk (*).

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Poem, Spoken Tribute


MP3 of Wild Poppies poem ready by Marilyn Buck  Wild Poppies* Marilyn Buck
MP3 of introduction spoken by Amiri Baraka  Introduction Amiri Baraka
MP3 of "political poem" read by devorah major  political poem devorah major
speaker icon  They Came for Me Uchechi Kalu
speaker icon  Rescue the Word* Genny Lim
speaker icon  One-Hour Yard Poem* Dennis Brutus
speaker icon  Space* Akwasi Evans
speaker icon  Concrete Cocoon (excerpt from Incommunicado)* Marilyn Buck
speaker icon  Letter #18 Dennis Brutus
speaker icon  Moon Bereft* Sara Menefee
speaker icon  Dream Fragments* Marilyn Buck
speaker icon  Acrobatic* Fanny Howe
speaker icon  After the Wave* ¡Presente!
speaker icon 1950 ’s Girl Thinking about Love* Uchechi Kalu
speaker icon  Coca Cola 2* Carolyn Baxter
speaker icon  Thirteen Springs* Maria Poblet
speaker icon  Imperatives* Mariann Wizard
speaker icon  Jasper TX* Samsara
speaker icon  Authenticity* Chrystos
speaker icon  Rap for Justice (excerpt from Incommunicado)* Marilyn Buck
speaker icon  Pennsylvania Death March* Merle Woo
speaker icon  untitled (movement poem) Maria Poblet
speaker icon  A Vieques, en Solidaridad* Carlos Quiles
speaker icon  To Vieques, in Solidarity* Piri Thomas
speaker icon  Grito de Vieques Aya De Leon
MP3 of "Marilyn" by Carlos Quiles  Marilyn (audio only) Carlos Quiles
MP3 of "The Owl" read by Nellie Wong  The Owl* Nellie Wong
speaker icon  Blindfolded Men* Uchechi Kalu
MP3 of "The Tortured" by Marilyn Buck  The Tortured (excerpt from Incommunicado)* Marilyn Buck
MP3 of "Black August" read by Staajabu  Black August* Staajabu
MP3 of "In Memory of Kuwasi Balagoon" read by Kiilu Nyasha  In Memory of Kuwasi Balagoon* Kiilu Nyasha
MP3 of "I saw your picture today" read by Elana Levy  I saw your picture today (to Lori Berenson)* Elana Levy
MP3 of "Neutralize!" by Mitsuye Yamada  Neutralize! Mitsuye Yamada
MP3 of "The Visit" by Staajabu  The Visit Staajabu
MP3 of "Prison Chant" read by devorah major  Prison Chant* devorah major
MP3 of "Suicide Cell" by Marilyn Buck  Suicide Cell (excerpt from Incommunicado)* Marilyn Buck
MP3 of "A Fifteen-Year-Old Palestinian Woman in Prison" read by Vini Bhansali  Remembering a Fifteen-Year-Old Palestinian Woman in Prison* Vini Bhansali
MP3 of "Reading Poetry" by Marilyn Buck  Reading Poetry* Marilyn Buck
MP3 of "Bird Watchers" read by Jean Stewart  Bird Watchers* Jean Stewart
MP3 of "Honor Dance for the Four Winds" by Chrystos  Honor Dance for the Four Winds Chrystos
MP3 of "Blues for Shaka" read by Presente!  Blues for Shaka* ¡Presente!
MP3 of "The Annunciation" by Genny Lim  The Annunciation Genny Lim
MP3 of "Revelation" by David Meltzer  Revelation* David Meltzer
MP3 of "On Children" by Piri Thomas  On Children Piri Thomas
MP3 of "Prayer" read by Sonia Sanchez  Prayer* Sonia Sanchez
MP3 of Kwame Ture Honoring Marilyn Buck  Honoring Marilyn Buck Kwame Ture

 * poem by Marilyn Buck

Bonus track: Marilyn’s greetings phoned in to the CD release parties, a two and half minute video with photos of Marilyn, other contributors, and political prisoners.

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