Today is the 17th day of the 2013 California prison hunger strike. According to official CDCR (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation) numbers, there are still close to 1,000 people remaining on hunger strike although in all actuality the number of men still refusing meals is significantly higher as the CDCr doesn’t count prisoners as strikers if they choose only liquids from a meal tray that includes solid food. Since the strike began over two weeks ago, there have been numerous displays of solidarity and outreach from supporters on the outside. Examples include the July 13th demonstration outside of Corcoran State Prison, in which over 400 people from across California gathered at Corcoran State Prison which currently holds over 1000 men in solitary confinement. Pictures from the rally and march can be found here. There have also been educational and artistic outreach actions all over the country and even international support including a fantastic critique of the hypocrisy of Governor Brown’s decision to vacation in Germany and visit Dachau Concentration Camp while massive human rights violations are taking place in his home state. As the CDCR continues to retaliate against the hunger strikers, it is important to increase the pressure on California Governor Jerry Brown and Jeffrey Bread (Secretary of the CDCR) to engage the strikers 5 core demands in good faith. You can find information about upcoming actions, outreach opportunities and the latest news here.¬†You can sign up for ongoing ‘prison news’ emails here.