Tricontinental is a periodical founded by the Organization of Solidarity with the People of Asia, Africa and Latin America and published in Havana, Cuba. While working on the these journals I was introduced to international liberation movements in South Africa, South East Asia, Palestine and countries throughout Latin America. These articles provided a critical supplement to the thematic overview of Latin America that I extracted from my college courses.

These periodicals also highlight Cuba’s pivotal role in the social and political history of the international community from the revolution onwards. Cuba inspired national liberation movements throughout the world; countries still under colonial rule now had an example of liberation and a means of receiving aid in their resistance movements. Cuba models an alternative society especially in the way it administers international aid. Cuba participates in medical internationalism where doctors are sent to developing countries around the world. The articles included in Tricontinental reminded me to contextualize myself and the lens through which I analyze certain events, to always keep in mind alternative perspectives.

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