We recently cataloged several new issues of The Burning Spear, a publication by the Black power organization, African People’s Socialist Party (APSP).

In Volume 8-8, Dianne Feinstein–then-mayor of San Francisco–is condemned for meeting with the brutal dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, during her visit to the Philippines in 1981. Around 40 organizers of the Philippine Solidarity Network and their supporters gathered at the San Francisco International Airport to greet Feinstein upon her return, rallying around the chant, “Dianne Feinstein you can’t hide, we know you’re on Marcos’ side!” The Burning Spear connects struggles at home and abroad, drawing attention to Feinstein’s “War on Crime” initiative which would result in further isolating and criminalizing Black communities in San Francisco’s Fillmore district as part of a gentrification project. I appreciated reading about the Filipino movement in this Black power publication, which serves as a testament to the importance of solidarity, internationalism, and the resiliency of our communities in resisting imperialism. 40 years after the article was published, the Marcos family has returned to power through a fraudulent presidential election.

Join comrades from the Malaya Movement, Bayan USA, and the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines next Monday, July 25th, for a demonstration protesting the sham election of Bongbong Marcos and Sarah Duterte at the San Francisco Philippine Consulate. Reject and Fight the US-Marcos II Regime!


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